Raising your value is the first step to creating the fire of attraction in any woman who you find attractive enough to date. This is the first phase in the process of getting a woman's heart, though many amateurs most times can't differentiate between building attraction and seduction because theym look and sound the same. While seduction is in the last phase entailing building up sexual tension enough to get her to say YES to you, creating attraction is there in the first phase to serve the purpose of gaining her attention and convincing her that you're well worth her time. And raising your perceived value in her eyes is the backbone of creating attraction for you.

I could demonstrate the concept of raising your value by using the analogy of the Wise Salesman and the Stupid Salesman. Once upon a time there was a Stupid Salesman who sold peanuts by the roadside somewhere on the streets of China. He sold them for the equivalent of less than a dollar, about 35 cents to be precise. He always had a lot of customers because his price was really low and affordable, and his peanuts were REALLY good. One day, another Chinese Salesman moved into town and decided to settle in the same area as the Stupid Salesman. I'll call him the Wise Salesman. The Wise Salesman discovered that even though the Stupid Salesman had quite a lot of customers and he was always selling, he barely made sufficient profit to erk out a good living from. Using his wisdom, the Wise Salesman quickly set up his stand a few blocks fro that of the Stupid Salesman, offering a rare imported brand of peanuts called 'Wise Sugar' for the equivalent of $5. His close friends thought he was stupid but he had a feeling he would prove them wrong.

The first day passed and nobody bought anything. The second day passed, yet nobody bought anything. The third day came back with the same result. But on the fourth day, the Mayor of the town was taking his monthly tour around. Soon, he felt terribly hungry for some street wares, just for the fun of eating anything he wanted. He bought fruits and bought cheap drinks. Coming upon the two salesmen, the Mayor's Chief Aide decided to purchase from the Wise Salesman just because the price he sold it for befitted the status of the Mayor. Of course, it was perceived to be of superior quality. As soon as the Mayor bit into the peanuts, he was extremely pleased with the feeling the taste gave him. He ordered for more immediately. Soon enough, the Mayor's high volume patronage attracted the attention of the people living around that locale, especially those who witnessed the incident that day. They began to buy.

The Wise Salesman suddenly started becoming very successful and the Stupid Salesman suddenly started losing customers. In no time, the Wise Salesman got all the customers, made a lot of profit and proved to his once-doubting friends that he could indeed sell a 35 cent product for $5 in an almost impoverished environment.

The Wise Salesman raised his value by raising his price and he got successful. But how do we apply this to the art of dating and seduction?


Use the technique I call the "You-Are-Supposed-To" technique. This is how it goes: for whatever a girl you're interested in expects you to do, do the opposite. If she thinks you're supposed to buy her a drink at the bar, ask her to buy you a drink instead and you better mean it because you're serious. If she expects you to go to the grocery store to pick up a few things, ask her to go instead because you're not interested in going, or you're not in the mood to go. If she expects you to talk to her at the club, ignore her and talk to her friends instead, talking to her only a little so as not to make it so obvious you're totally ignoring her.

This is the easiest way I've discovered to up your value as an attractive guy to the ladies.

The story above is one you won't find anywhere else on the internet because it came into my head this morning as I write this. But the lesson stands that you have to up your value to make getting your attention worth it to attractive girls. Not all girls may like your actions in the first place, but the most attractive girl in the group will notice and pick up serious interest in you. And just like the Wise Salesman finally got it, you'll start getting the attention you need from all the other girls.

Raise your price, raise your enjoyment!

Author's Bio: 

I'm a Dating Coach and Pick up artiste who holds a gentler philosophy that teaches that women should be respected, even when they are being seduced.

Since my first heartbreak in 2006, I've been picking up beautiful women since 2007 and today I help overwhelmed guys get a grasp of the feminine minds better, as well as develop healthy dating culture that doesn't hamper the welfare of both dating parties involved in anyway.