Business owners have three modes they gravitate toward:

A. Creative maniac
B. Implementing the cool new strategy
C. Overwhelm (which can manifest as stress, denial, checking out, boredom)

Sure, there are some other modes, but these are where you’ll tend to play the most.

No mode is better than another. Just because you’re getting stuff done doesn’t mean you are happy, profitable or expanding your business.

Let’s look at Jack’s business. He’s a truly intelligent man with a revolutionary way of helping mid to large sized companies create rockstar teams. When people hear Jack talk, they listen. He’s inspiring and innovative.

Jack built this business himself with blood, sweat and many tears. He’s made some nice cash, but nowhere near what is possible for the kind of value his company can give. That’s the problem.

Nothing about Jack’s business is going the way he thought. In fact, he doesn’t even like his business. He’s got a bigger dream and he can’t decide what to do next. Ugh.

I have coached a lot of Jacks. They think they have the formula for success because they’ve laid out a business model, worked on their systems and marketing, and done some coaching.

No way, José.

I don’t care how much drive, passion and smarts you have, if you aren’t connected to your heart while you move from action to action in your business, you’ll never achieve the dream. Period. It will always come with a harsh price to pay.

I don’t mean you have to come from love, although that would be nice. But you have to be relaxed. You can get a boatload of tasks done in a day and still feel chilled out while you do it. You can be having a ton of fun and feeling the taste waaaay before you reach your annual goals.

If you’re a fan of the Law of Attraction you may be thinking, “Honey, you’re preaching to the choir.” But I’m not.

Somehow, no matter how many times I preach about how critical it is to pay attention to how you feel while you work on and in your business, CEOs still pay more attention to pushing for quantity and speed. They worry about results.

I say, “Slow down to go fast.” And they whine, “I tried that. I did it for a couple of days and it felt good. Then somehow, I got caught in a rut again.”

In A New Beginning II Abraham-Hicks says:

"By giving 99% of your attention to bringing yourself to the feeling that you seek and giving 1% of your attention to inspired action - you will be in a place of powerful motion forward while you exist in a continuous state of joyful well-being."

Look, this is not fluff. I tripled my income the first year I practiced this formula. It felt weird at first. I felt like I was letting something slide through the cracks if I wasn’t on a stress and adrenaline high. And sometimes I felt like a crack addict kicking my brain to the curb. It was painful.

If you focus on success through action, you won’t have the pleasure of a smooth running business. You’ll end up sick, too. Your body can’t take the stress and the unsettled feeling you experience when you’re constantly uptight about manifesting your goals.

I say, set huge targets in your business but follow Abraham-Hicks’ recipe above. Make your state of mind more important than any other factor.

The result will be more money, peace of mind, a healthy bod and a kick in your step because you know your business is a freakin’ blast!

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