As we embark on another new year and a new beginning many of us are taking stock of the past year and how we would like to improve upon ourselves and our circumstances in the year to come. This is a time many begin to make New Year’s resolutions, set new intentions or new goals. This can be a daunting task and it can become overwhelming as we look at the many changes we may want to make.

As you take stock you may find that there are a multitude of adjustments you would like to make. You may want to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more, make more money, finish a project(s), and be more patient, kind and loving. And as you look at your list you may begin to feel overwhelmed or even incapable. It’s this overwhelm that causes us to surrender to our old behaviors in less than 30 days.

Like most, you probably begin the new year with great enthusiasm and optimism, but before long your old habits are taking over and you’re feeling even more stressed out and overwhelmed than ever before. You get back into your old routine of everything you have to do but now you have even more to do because you promised yourself to eat right and exercise and be nicer and make more money and it begins to make you crazy because you didn’t realize just how much you have to change in order to live up the ideal that you had in mind for 2011. Then finally you just give up on the whole idea of being better and having better. Consumed in disappointment and feeling like a failure you beat yourself up…again and maybe even vow to never set New Year’s resolutions again, thinking that you can’t accomplish them.

Would you believe me, if I said that it doesn’t have to be this way?
I hope so, because it doesn’t. I invite you to make one resolution this year. With this one resolution you will feel greater peace, have greater faith and you will know that you are worthy of all that you have ever dreamed of. When you make this one shift you will make more money, you will have the courage and confidence to complete the project(s) that have been set aside for months or maybe even years.

By making this shift you will reclaim your ideal weight, you will eat healthier, you will exercise more. No more will you choose instant gratification from food but instead you will choose to move toward your long term goal of healthier living. By making this shift you will give up the phrase “I can’t” and begin knowing that you can.

This one shift is Loving Yourself. Self love is your source of worthiness, confidence and trust. Self love fills the emptiness that we just can’t fill with food or self-sabotaging behaviors such as procrastinating, and time wasting. When you truly fall in love with your Self the empty feeling dissolves, diminishing the feeling that something is missing. When you love your Self you recognize your own divinity and you even begin to wonder how you could have ever NOT loved your self.

Loving yourself raises your vibration and you begin to resonate with your highest path and purpose, re-igniting your passion for life and serving. You know what you want, you go for it by taking inspired action and you know that it will be yours. As you recognize your own Divinity you know yourself to be the powerful creator that you are. Because falling in love with your Self shifts you at the most fundamental level everything else must shift. Only through truly loving your self will you find success, peace and joy in all areas of your life. For until you love your Self you will always sabotage yourself and create your own limits on what you can and cannot be, do, and have.

Would you like to do what you have always done or would you rather make the one change that will make every other change actually stick?

Falling in love with your self is a process of excavating, releasing and cultivating. Loving your self is not just a concept it is a tangible relationship with your self. It is knowing who you are, knowing your strengths, weaknesses, power and worthiness. Focusing on this one shift will change the rest of your life.

To the greatest love of all and your best Self yet!
Michelle Lee, CH

Author's Bio: 

Michelle Lee is a Certified Hypnotherapist, EFT practitioner and Soul Realignment practitioner specializing in self-esteem, women's empowerment and self-actualization. As a Relationship Specialist, Michelle inspires women to reach their fullest potential by healing and rebuilding the relationship that matters most. Michelle is the author of "Fall in love...with your Self" self hypnosis CD and "Self-Love...How to get there from here" DVD workshop as well as many other workshops. Michelle is available to speak to your group. Michelle’s website is