The One-life Theory Sucks

Else Byskov

Today many, many people believe we only live once. Those who adhere to the one-life theory are mainly supporters of a purely materialistic worldview, and they think that their predominantly atheist and godless way of seeing things is far superior and far more scientific than anything that has to do with a spiritual outlook on life. And yet the one-life theory has never been proved scientifically. It is, at best, only half a theory. It is an unproven claim that we only live one life. Nobody has ever been able to come up with hard-core scientific proof that our consciousness is extinguished at death.
When the one-life theory has never been proved it is nothing but a belief. So those who adhere to the one-life theory are the true believers, as they believe in something that has never been proved.
On the other hand there is a growing amount of evidence for the claim that our consciousness survives the death of the physical body and that reincarnation is much more than a belief. Serious research is taking place at universities in both Europe and the USA into phenomena that suggest that our consciousness survives the death of the body such as the near-death experience, children that remember past lives, regression therapy, after-death communication, death-bed visions and afterlife experiments. The evidence for the survival of consciousness is growing every day, whereas those who adhere to the one-life theory are still standing empty handed when it comes to proving their claim. Please see my website or my book “The Undiscovered Country” for a more detailed presentation of the evidence for life after death.
The one-life theory is really based on a limited understanding of what matter is. The one-life theory walks hand in hand with the idea that only what can be seen and touched is real. This way of envisaging the world limits the scope of existence to that which is visible and palpable, and it is sometimes referred to as “the sticks and stones view” of the world. It excludes the possibility that invisible “stuff” can exist. This view is clearly going to be short-lived, because nobody who lives in the western world today can be ignorant of the fact that “matter” exists in the shape of invisible rays and waves. We make use of these invisible rays and waves every day when we receive television and radio, when we speak in our mobile phones and receive wireless Internet, so claiming that invisible “matter” does not exist is simply an expression of ignorance. It is an outdated view based on ignorance about electromagnetic radiation, and it is tantamount to claiming that the Earth is flat. It is totally out of touch with the reality we are all living in.
So what does the existence of electromagnetic radiation have to do with the one-life theory? What does it have to do with life after death and reincarnation? It has everything to do with it, because once we have realized that the world cannot be reduced to what we can see and touch, and once it becomes clear that “matter” can exist in forms that are both invisible and impalpable, then we have to expand our worldview. There is much more to the world than meets the eye, and the rays and waves of the electromagnetic spectrum do not only comprise radio, television, X rays and micro waves but a whole range of rays and waves that we do not yet know about. We are only using a fraction of the wavelengths and frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum for our transmission purposes, but the rays and waves exist in inexhaustible numbers and a very important characteristic of the waves and rays is that they can carry information. Information is whirling all around us in the shape of the electromagnetic radiation that entertains us and helps us communicate with each other.
We have only just landed on the shores of the enormous continent that consists of electromagnetic radiation, and even though we have harvested a beneficial crop from the shores, we have not yet ventured inland into this huge realm. There is so much more to explore and we are only just beginning.
One thing that the existence of invisible “matter” means is that we have to be open to the idea that our physical body is not the only body that we have. It is actually so that we have a body consisting of electromagnetic radiation in addition to our physical body. This means that we have a solid, physical body that we can see and touch plus a much more ethereal body that is not visible. The ethereal body sits as an electromagnetic field around the physical body (all living beings have such an energy body), and as this electrical field is measurable, its existence cannot be refuted. We can simply measure that an electric field is in existence around our physical body. This field is sometimes referred to as our aura, and it is an electrical reality. Its existence is factual because we can measure that it is there.
It is this field that holds the key to an understanding of life after death. The field consists of electromagnetic radiation and it holds our consciousness. Our consciousness is not limited to the brain as has hitherto been believed, but it surrounds and penetrates the body as a field of energy. The energy field holds all the information about our “I”; it holds our thoughts and talents, our personality and mindset, our intelligence and morals, our whole self. All these aspects of who we are, are embedded in the electromagnetic rays and waves as information, and they are electrical in their nature. Our consciousness is an electrical reality and it holds both information and force. All types of electricity contain force. The force in our electrical field is identical to our life force. This means that the force of our consciousness is identical to our life force and it holds all the information about who we are. This information is not based in the genes, but it is a result of experiences that we have gathered over a whole number of lives. We cannot come to any conclusive understanding of who we are without taking our former lives into consideration, because everything that we are is a result of what we have done, learnt and experienced in former lives. All this information is accumulated in the field which holds an unlimited capacity for storage of information.
Our consciousness in the shape of our energy field or aura holds our life-force and “I”, and when the physical body is rendered useless through injury, illness or old age, the consciousness cum life-force pulls out of the now useless instrument – our physical body. But because the consciousness consists of a type of matter that is unaffected by all kinds of physical injury, it is just as intact as it was when it was still connected to a physical body. As the consciousness holds all information of the particular individual that I call me, I am still exactly the same as I was when I still had a physical body. There is no difference, and all those who have had a near-death experience confirm that they were exactly the same after they had left their physical body. This means that there is no death – what we see as death is just a change of focus on part of our consciousness. Our consciousness goes from being focused in our physical body to being focused in our energy field or spirit body. Death is an illusion and we are eternal being because the essential core of our being consists of something that is indestructible: energy.
We have to understand that we are so much more than mere physical bodies and when we realize that we have an energy body in addition to our physical body, and when we know that the world cannot be reduced to “the sticks and stones view”, then the sky is no longer the limit. There is much more to the world that what we can see and touch, and the exploration of the undiscovered continent of the rays and waves of the electromagnetic spectrum opens a whole new horizon that we are only just beginning to see.
The shortcomings of the one-life theory are many: it hasn’t been proved, it cannot explain the growing amount of evidence for post-mortem survival, it cannot explain where our talents and morals come from, it cannot explain our fates and why some people live happy lives whereas others live in misery, it cannot explain where we are coming from and where we are going, it cannot explain the mystery of life and it certainly cannot explain the meaning of it all. It will not do as an explanatory model for the future. In other words: it sucks.
What all this means for our worldview and our understanding of who we are and where we go when we pass over has been explored in my books “The Undiscovered Country”, “Death Is an Illusion” and “Ten Great Ways to Understand the World - The Larger Perspective on the Leading Edge of Thought” – all available on Amazon.

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Else Byskov has written 4 books on the survival of consciousness: "Death is an Illusion", "The Undiscovered Country", "The Art of Attraction" and "Ten Great Ways to Understand the World - The Larger Perspective on the Leading Edge of Thought".