This is one of the simplest wrappers ever! Plus, it is absolutely no carb. Note: While the type of cheese you use for this recipe does not matter, they will need to be deli-style slices. The recipe won’t work with chunks you carve off that block of cheddar in your fridge. Microwaves used for this recipe. If you don’t have one, turn your oven to 150 F or 200 F and place the cheese and parchment paper in just until the cheese looks soft (don’t wait until it’s a runny mess!)

Cheesy Faux Tortillas
Makes 1 wrap

2 deli slices of cheese
1 sheet of parchment paper

1. Start by folding the sheet of parchment paper in half.
2. Open the folded sheet of parchment paper and place a single slice of cheese in the center.
3. Slice the second slice of cheese into 8 ribbons.
4. Position the 8 pieces of cheese on the parchment around the large piece of cheese.
5. Lift the parchment with the cheese into a microwave and warm it on medium-high for 12 seconds. You want the cheese to be barely warm and pliable. You don’t want melty cheese.
6. Remove it from the microwave. Using your hand or an oiled rolling pin, fashion the soft cheese into a circle.
7. Place cheese circle in the fridge to cool, about 10 minutes.
8. To use, remove the cheese tortilla from the fridge and layer it with your favorite fillings. Roll up as you would a regular tortilla.

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