What does an ideal day outing appear as if for you? breeze , several outdoor fun, beautiful, natural surroundings, and well, perhaps a touch fun within the pool. Come to Jaladhama and you’ll return for more, every time!
Choose a mixture of activities or simply enjoy every day of doing nothing!
Conduct Stress-management workshops:
• Plan nature events-walking, drawing, singing, even cooking
• Conduct team-building exercises in one among the lawns
Make each day of splashing about within the pool
• Take full advantage of the massive pool, with sparkling, clear water complete with slides
• Relax by the poolside and cool off under the shades
• End the day with delicious food at any of our two restaurants of choose the Dhaba if you within the mood for something authentic cuisine, straight from the village kitchen.
Relax with nature:
• Leave the town and its stresses, noises, and constant interruptions behind
• Take long walks on the character trail, through the animal sanctuary, or the serenity garden
• Meet the birds and animals, feed the cows
Plan a food festival:
• Get your friends , family or colleagues together and plan a day to enjoy delicious food
• Visit the Organic farm and pick vegetable
• Take cooking classes with Jaladhama chefs
Do it all — Plan an ideal Day!
• Walk down the winding road
• calm down to enjoy delicious food at the Dhaba
• Beat the warmth within the swimming bath
• Soak within the mountain view
Enjoy your one day picnic at this resort at this amazing Day picnic Resort around Bangalore– Mysore, with Turkey Birds, Rabbits, Ducks, Hens, of these makes this a perfect for a fast family retreat, or catching up with busy friends, or jamming with buddies, an ideal one day picnic spot with exquisite privacy at the resort !
Looking for a typical village resort for group at some point picnics or one day picnic spots around Mysore and Bangalore? Fancy each day call at the lap of nature? Take a while to spend it at our lovely farm house & nature resorts near Bangalore amidst love birds, ducks, hens, turkey birds, rabbits, toy puppies etc.
Whether you've got spent each day or a weekend at Jaladhama resort and Nature resort, you will, needless to say leave with a refreshed state of mind. As a refund to the society, over an above the social help we render, we welcome senior citizens at this one day picnic spot resort for senior citizens at very attractive right down to earth rates.
Free parking lot , Large swimming bath , ritual dancing , Volley Ball, Open Cricket, Badminton, Evening engaging games, Fun games etc.
Why Choose Jaladhama Family resorts around Mysore?
Unbeatable location: it's only an hour’s drive from Mumbai.
A range of activities to form your day memorable: you'll spend your day relaxing or experiencing a good range of activities like zip lining, Ping-Pong , or swimming.
A wide sort of venues: it's a gorgeous property spread across 45 acres with many locations and venues.
Huge capacity: It can host quite 3000 guests and serve 550 people on a shared basis.
Zero parking hassles: there's ample parking lot so no got to worry about your accommodating your vehicle.

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Jaladhama is one of the best Day picnic Resort around Bangalore and the good Family resorts around Mysore.