When choosing your invitations, be sure to weigh it carefully — if it’s more than one a certain number of grams, you’re going to need additional postage.

Your Bachelorette Party:
Bachelorette parties today are bigger than ever; more and more groups are planning weekend getaways, .And even though the bridesmaids are supposed to pick up the tab for the party, many brides end up paying for their own airfare or part of the hotel bill to help alleviate costs for their girls!

Forgotten Items
If you have a destination wedding and you forget something home, you will need a last-minute replacement. That means, extra for everything that goes out of your pocket – anything from an iron board to clothes.
Pre & Post Wedding Party Attire:
From various pre & post wedding dinners and lunches, you will need new outfits. Make sure you budget accordingly for the same.

Transportation for Guests:
While you’re generally not responsible for how guests get to and from your wedding, it becomes your concern if a guest gets too intoxicated to drive home or they are too senior to travel alone.

A Backup Plan:
You know that if you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you should have a tent on stand-by in case of rain. You need to have a contingency fund in case of any emergencies.

Overtime Costs:
Your venue, DJ, wedding photographer and videographer are booked for just a certain amount of time, so if your wedding runs a little longer than you expected, they MAY end up charging more. Be clear about expectations before hamd.

Taxes and Licences:
We all know there are taxes on almost everything—most couples don’t think about how much they’ll end up owing during the planning process. Also, you will need umpteen licences for music, alcohol, fire hazard and many more.

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