Oh, the thrill of it all, flirting with a co-worker or your boss. It can be sexy, fun, and electric. And as the mutual attraction grows and is taken to the dating stage, it can be even more so. However one should always proceed with caution when dating at work as there’s much at stake on both a personal and professional level.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you consider dating a coworker.

Nice and Easy Does It. Remember Bridget Jones and Daniel, the rascal, Cleaver? They went from flirting at the office to jumping into bed in a heartbeat. Not the best way to begin a relationship. Start slow. Spend some time getting to know each other first. Ask them out to lunch on a workday and observe their conduct. Seeing them in different setting will help you decide if it's right to go to the next step.

Beware the Green-Eyed Monster. No one wants to end up dating someone who's hiding a possessive nature, but it will most likely happen, especially at the office as your new love can be observed all day, every day. They may flirt with others, thinking it's perfectly harmless to do so. Jealousy can also come from co-workers thinking you're suddenly in the boss' good graces if you're dating a superior. On the other hand, these are trivial issues in comparison to what happened in Fatal Attraction!

Familiarity Can Breed Contempt. Naturally if you're seeing someone in the evening and on weekends as well as in the office all day, it could become overkill. And it can put a damper on spontaneity and romance. If you don't take spend time away from each other, you may end up resenting each other, or taking each other for granted, and that's the last thing a new (or any) relationship needs. In Two Weeks Notice, George Wade almost lost Lucy Kelson by taking her for granted. Be conscious of how you spend your time together and apart.

As in any relationship, there is no magic formula for what should happen. Each relationship is as different as the people in it, whether they meet in a cafe, at the bus stop, or at work.

Relationships require open, honest communication and mutual respect. If you choose to date someone at work, make sure you go in with your eyes open in order to avoid any of the typical pitfalls. You don't want to compromise your job or your personal happiness in the process!

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