Known as number mysticism in ancient times, numerology is one of many forms of divination, and one of our favorites.

Our long-term experience shows us that pattern recognition using hundreds of indicators is the best way to reliably interpret personal fate and personality. But you can get a glimpse into character and timing from a limited number of factors.

Those who are exceedingly psychic can use one or a handful of indicators, such as the day of birth, as touchstones to pierce the veil between here and the higher planes. These individuals are very rare, at least those who offer consistently high accuracy rates.

To start employing basic numerology, keep these two tips in mind:

1. Fadic addition is used to reduce numbers to a single digit, the root number. The year 1995, for example, yields the number 6 as follows: 1+9+9+5=24, 2+4=6. Every number holds unique symbolism, but it’s easiest to start with the nine root numbers.

2. Concentrating on the day of birth and full date of birth is a good start, due to these two indicators representing ability and how the person is seen. The date of birth February 15th, 1995 includes 6 (15=1+5=6) as the day of birth, and 5 [2 + 6 (1+5) + 6 (1+9+9+5= 24, 2+4=6) = 14, 1+4=5] as the full date of birth. If you want to focus on additional factors, the month (2), month plus day (2+15=17, 1+7=8), and year (1+9+9+5=24, 2+4=6) are key indicators as well. Keep in mind that many other factors are derived from the full date of birth.

A single number heavily recurring throughout the patterns in the personal and, or timing charts can make the person seem a lot like that specific number. However, most people’s patterns include a mix of several prominent numbers, making them appear like more than one number.

Below we list key energies associated with the number six.

1. Abstract and philosophical thinking, rather than analytical, is strongly associated with the number six. People with strong six energy can expound hypothetically with the best of them, but don’t expect him or her to get too deeply into analytical thought and reveal the cold hard truths, which are not very harmonious in their opinion.
2. They want justice for all, aren’t elitists, and refuse to exclude anyone, even though it may eventually work against the individual. For example, they are likely to love the idea of eliminating competition and offering participation trophies to all kids, even though, ultimately, tough love better serves kids because they learn to deal with failure.
3. Six is the cosmic mother and father. Those with heavy six make wonderful, responsible parents offering much sympathy, warmth, compassion, understanding, nurturing, and generosity. Though they need to guard against being a dumping ground for others’ problems. Six tends to be a good cook and loves to eat, so they need to be cautious of gaining too much weight.
4. Some of the best therapists, restaurateurs, cosmetologists, stylists, teachers, doctors, nurses, caretakers, designers, gardeners, painters, interior decorators, healers, managers, administrators, and performing artists possess strong, balanced six energy. A fair and balanced approach with a heart is a winning combination.
5. Typical mantras of those with heavy six include “it’s the right thing to do,” “there ought to be a law,” “that’s wrong,” and “you should do it.”
6. The six too often carries false guilt. They can’t help everyone, but still feel guilty from not offering their time and energy everywhere possible such as volunteering at the shelter or helping their neighbor.
7. Over-helping and poking their nose where it doesn’t belong, meddling in other people’s affairs is a common problem, as is refusing to accept what they can’t change (particularly other people).
8. Nobody is perfect. These traits typically are associated with under-balanced or over-balanced six energy: stubbornness, intolerance, overly opinionated, dogmatic disposition, resentment, jealousy, sacrificial, perfectionism, distorted idealism, and controlling. They are the most likely to have a Mr. Nice Guy/Gal smile pasted on their face while inwardly critical of others, thinking about how screwed up the world is. One of their biggest challenges is accepting that everything is perfect the way it is.
9. Those with heavy six often have a strong talent for beautification and harmonizing, such as creating a wonderful home environment, both artistically (e.g. home decorating) and one that is emotionally supportive. They are very family oriented and need to be in a serious relationship.
10. Upon maturity, those with strong six energy tend to be a fantastic judge of character. But in youth, they tend to idealistically project all their desires onto others, thinking the person is perfect when he or she isn’t.
11. Six as a long-term time cycle indicator can be brutally demanding in early life, yet tends to be wonderfully rewarding in later life.
12. Entering collective strong six timing energy typically represents a new romantic partnership for singles, yet a breakup for those already involved in a relationship.

Though the language of comprehensive numerology is a discipline that takes as much time to learn as any foreign language, even basic number mysticism can give you a remarkable glimpse into human personality and compatibility.

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