It does not matter if you are in internet marketing, information marketing, multi level marketing, network marketing, or even if you are a traditional business owner. The numbers are still the same. A few people get rich in every industry while the masses fail miserably. Keep reading to find out why?

There is one thing in common with all home based businesses, whether it it internet marketing, network marketing, or information marketing. That key ingredient is marketing.

Making a list of your friends and family, or spamming your business opportunity all over the internet is not marketing.

Marketing your home business can be viewed a couple of different ways:

Paid advertising versus free or low cost advertising, and online marketing vesus offline marketing.

We will look at paid advertising versus free advertising first.

The most important point to realize is that paid advertising will cost you money, but usually generates much faster results. On the other hand free or low cost advertising strategies will cost you more time and effort and will take a relatively longer time to get results.

Some paid marketing strategies include pay per click, mobile marketing, bill boards, television, newspapers, and radio.

Some free and low cost marketing strategies include, blogging, article marketing, social media, attending networking events, and passing out fliers.

Both online and offline marketing strategies can be extremely effective if done correctly.

Either way you must understand how to target the right market to get optimal results.

Regardless of which marketing methods you use, it is important to choose a combination of marketing strategies that you are comfortable with.

Also develop a marketing budget for your home based business as quickly as possible. Then as your income increases, increase your marketing budget proportionally.

Marketing is a valuable skill to learn regardless of your business or industry.

Much Success.

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Jeremiah Carstarphen
The Cartoon Coach

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