The world faces a billion problems every day and they all stem from mankind. Each and every one of us is the root cause of the problems that have plagued the generations to come and the environment around us. The world has become reckless and has begun to question everything so much that it isn't left with much of an answer for itself. People have fixated themselves upon the discoveries of science and their own idea of perfection that they have strayed far from the path of God.

Humans should have used science to understand God and the way He planned the world out but instead, they chose to feel that the discoveries that they have made are their own. That the oceans which a magnificent aquatic life inhibits, the cosmic explosions in the galaxies that give us stars from the night sky and that this universe as a whole is simply chancery. That there is no Creator and that there can be no mode of conduct that this Creator subjected us to live the life that He wants us to live. We choose to believe we just happened to exist and that there are no other forces at play.

In order to lead a life of righteousness that rewards you with heaven in the hereafter, you must learn to believe in religion and to dedicate yourself to the path of God. Not only is it invigorating for the soul and mind, but it also channels into your daily life and helps those around you to become the best people. God is automatically on your side and will pluck out the evil that plagues your loved ones or those that surround you because He doesn't want your life to be corrupted.

A man of exemplary stature who became inspired by the renowned Prophet T.B. Joshua is Daniel Badibanga, who is now known as T.B. Joshua Jr.

According to Daniel, he started to watch Emmanuel TV since he was 10 years old. Unfortunately, Daniel never took it seriously until in 2014, when he was about to move to the United States. He spent his time to know the Prophet T.B. Joshua deeply.

He then said to himself, “I have to go back to my way of serving God.” From that day, Daniel quit producing worldly music and decided to follow Jesus fully. When he and his family moved to U.S.A in 2014, his love for God grew even stronger.
In 2017, Daniel flew to Lagos, Nigeria just to get a touch from Prophet T.B. Joshua. He was touched and delivered by the man of God.
Daniel underwent a major change and felt like he was resurrected. He became a Bible lover and turned into a preacher, pastor and Gospel singer.

When Daniel Badibanga flew back to the U.S., he created a group called “Changing Lives In U.S.” which has over 20 members.
God performed His first miracle through him in 2017 after coming back from the SCOAN, at a hospital in the state of Vermont. His brother’s wife was having trouble to deliver a baby.
He went to the hospital with a bottle of Morning Water which was given to him by Prophet T.B. Joshua at his Church. He ministered the Morning Water on her and after a few minutes, she was able to deliver a baby peacefully. The nurses were shocked and appalled.

From that day, people who knew him started to call him "T.B. Joshua Junior." And from there, he then began to call himself T.B. Joshua Junior.

Apart from him being a pastor, he is also a Gospel singer and philanthropist. Daniel has helped more than 97 Vermont homeless with clothes, food, and money.

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