Endometriosis refers to the growth, infiltration, and repeated bleeding of endometrial tissue (glands and stroma) in the covered endometrium and the parts outside the uterus, which leads to pain, infertility, and nodules or masses. It is a common gynecological disease.

At present, drug and surgical treatment are the primary means of treatment of endometriosis. Choose different treatment methods according to the different clinical manifestations of the disease and the characteristics of patients.

1. Medicine treatment

The drug treatment mechanism for endometriosis is to control the endogenous hormone environment to inhibit endometriosis because estrogen stimulation can lead to the occurrence and development of endometriosis, and estrogen and progesterone receptors appear in ectopic endometrial tissue.

Although it can control endometriosis pain, the side effects of drug treatment also arise. Therefore, drug treatment should be appropriate. Women should pay attention to avoid excessive ovarian suppression. Improper drug selection and prolonged use may cause excessive inhibition of the gonadal axis, delay the time of assisted pregnancy, and cause irreversible damage to fertility.

For patients who are unmarried or temporarily no fertility requirements, young age with small lesions, they can choose drug treatment to prevent endometriosis development and reduce adhesion formation. It is suggested that patients of childbearing age can choose herbal medicine Fuyan Pill for therapy with the effects of clearing heat and detoxification, activating blood circulation, removing blood stasis, etc.

Meanwhile, it improves your immunity and self-healing ability, enabling you to have a better physical status to naturally conceive healthy babies.

2. Surgical treatment

Laparoscopic surgery is the standard method for the treatment of endometriosis. Evidence-based medicine shows that laparoscopic surgery can improve the pregnancy rate in patients with stage I / II endometriosis. The doctor should perform the disease stage and fertility index score during the operation.

This operation's goals include the optimal treatment of visible and deep diseases, the restoration of normal anatomy, and the prevention of adhesion. A large-scale meta-analysis showed that the improvement rates of mild, moderate, and severe pain caused by laparoscopic surgery were 100%, 70%, and 40%, respectively. The recurrence rate was 20% - 40% in the initial and subsequent surgery.

Because of the risk of surgery, including postoperative adhesions and iatrogenic ovarian destruction resulting in decreased ovarian reserve function, avoid repeated surgery as far as possible.

Based on recent analysis, although there is no clear advantage of surgical resection, it seems that histological examination after resection can avoid more profound injury. Based on the above reasons, many people advocate the removal of endometriosis lesions as far as possible.

3. Daily care

During menstruation, patients should pay attention to rest, keep warm, and keep happy. In case of pain, use hot water bags to compress the lower abdomen to avoid excessive or vigorous activities as far as possible to prevent menstrual reflux caused by drastic changes in body position and abdominal pressure. Avoid sex during menstruation and menstruation just clean to avoid the loss of endometrium through the fallopian tube into the pelvic cavity, improve the risk of disease.

Besides, postpartum women should do recovery gymnastics as soon as possible to prevent uterine retroversion.
Endometriosis is complex and challenging to deal with, which seriously endangers the health and quality of life of women of childbearing age. Lack of attention to dysmenorrhea and wrong understanding of traditional social concepts are the most common causes of diagnosis delay.

Many women think that dysmenorrhea is a fate that women can't escape. Still, at least two-thirds of women diagnosed with endometriosis have obvious dysmenorrhea symptoms before 20. In such an extended period, endometriosis gradually aggravated, enough to destroy the fertility of many women. Most women need to pay attention to dysmenorrhea and go to the hospital on time for their health.

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