I sense you in each star and in every sunrise. I feel you in the grass and the cool breeze that flows through the trees. I feel your strength and power in your mountains and your ease which flows through each river and down every stream. I see you looking back at me in every living animal and every living being. I see you playing with us and hiding behind the infinity of the ten thousand things!- Sharice Harris

While doing some research the other day, I came across a fictional story by an Author named Arthur C. Clarke. The story entitled: “The Nine Billion Names of God”, (published in 1953) was about a Tibetan monastery whose monks sought to list every imaginable name of God. They believed that the universe was solely created in order for us to name all of God’s names and they believed that once they had completed discovering all of God’s names that the stars would flicker out like lights being turned off and that universe as we know it would come to an end.

The monks set out to work using what was considered back then modern technology. They created a machine that could precisely calculate and encode every possible name of God imaginable. It was an arduous task which took some time but after they had finished naming every possible name of God, the stars did indeed began to flicker off and the world as they knew it, nostalgically began to come to an end.

As I heard about that story, I couldn’t help but feel that there was some truth in that fictional tale. I mean through the infinite throws in life, each and every one of us experiences day in and day out, at the end of it all, it’s all a cry or yearning to know even deeper depths of God or Love.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we don’t have it all figured out by a certain age because we don’t how God or Love is going to use us to complete our story in this lifetime.

Sure, we can use our five senses with the help of our heart, gut and soul to tell when something doesn’t feel right or if something is missing in our lives but very few of us can actually tell where our personal life story will lead us because we are all being used in a story that is for the greater good of all of us. Some of us live our whole lives playing a game of cat and mouse with our relationships and even with our lives, while some of us choose to project our image of God’s Love onto others even in the midst of our own searching.

We are all students in life, sharing what we know and sizing up what we think someone else does or does not know because we know on a deeper level that God comes in countless forms! God is often so undetectable to our five senses that we barely notice that we are immersed in God right now.

Do you realize that most people don’t realize that God is not on the outside but that we are actually inside of God right now?

We are living in God right now. What we consider as discovering God, is only God’s unfolding and disseminating of information to us. Have you ever wondered why information that you really needed at a particular point in your life wasn’t revealed to you when you felt like you really needed it the most?

It’s because we are being created right now through every experience we have.

A while back while rummaging through some of Marc Allen’s videos on Youtube, I came across a newly published author and Buddhist monk named Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche. Shyalpa, had just published his new book entitled: ‘Living Fully, Finding Joy in Every Breath’, with New World Library and he wanted to share some of his ancient Eastern wisdom with Marc and us in that interview.

Out of everything Shyalpa said, and he said a lot of very truthful and factual information which many of us overlook when looking for guidance and wisdom. One thing in particular stood out to me.

Shyalpa said that Buddha was able to reach Nirvana because he was a born to a king and unlike many of us didn’t need to strive for money, since he was born into a wealthy family.

At that moment I was reminded of how even something as seemingly superficial as running in the rat race after money, is also a cry for God’s mercy and Grace. Tears came to my eyes as I reflected on how many of us spend countless numbers of hours each week sacrificing precious time we will never get back.

Not because we Love money and are uber materialistic beings but because money if obtained in conjunction with our highest life expression, allows us to live a life which glorifies the Isness of life.

When I saw life through these lens, I realized instantly how incredibly and lovingly committed most people really are to this journey called life. We will do everything we can to reach a means to spend more time freely glorifying God.

-We are all Love at the core of our creation-

We know that in the attainment of our goals lyes our ability to finally help ourselves and others!

At the end it’s all Love or God! No one person can ever claim that they and only they hold the truth or the way exclusively to God. In doing so, we limit God’s infinite intelligence and wreak havoc on our planet and it’s people by becoming closed off in rigid belief systems.

Muslims have always believed that God has 99 names and many of them, out of devotion and Love to a greater power that is, spend much time reciting and affirming those 99 names of God.

Hindus’ believe in many God’s but at the only one at the end. Why? Because at the central point of it all, God is present in billions of forms and billions of ways! Is our search to label God and tie him/her down a true search for God?

Doesn’t God come to us in countless forms?

And isn’t everything we see in nature and within humanity living proof of that? Wouldn’t it be easier to just wake-up and realize that we are living in a dream called creation?

What if we are not searching for God’s name but instead searching for God’s Love within each other?

What if we are the nine billion names of God?

So far we’ve got 7 billion answers inhabiting our planet, looks like we’ve only got another 2 billion to go!

Thanks for stopping by! What personal life experiences has God used you to teach a lesson or lessons through? How have you discovered that infinite inner peace and knowingness that simply is? I would Love to hear God's voice speak through your life!

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Sharice Harris is a charismatic spiritually focused philanthropist, school owner, author, entrepreneur, sexual abuse advocate, homeless advocate, animal advocate and avid traveler. Sharice is currently working on first personal growth book entitled: 'A Permanent Summer'. This thought-provoking and illuminating read clearly explains how-to fully comprehend the innate wisdom our fears are really trying to teach us.