That joyous colors of Indian culture, the lights at the temples, the decorations at home and the prosperity for the devotees; come along the nine festive nights in the month of October or March. The time of the year is here when Durga is here with the blessings to shower at the places where you arrange the adoration of the goddess in her all the avatars. So bring out the musical instruments, decorations and materials to make this Navratri the event to remember with all of your devotion.

Navratri or Druga Puja is significant to seek the blessings of the divine feminine devi and get your wishes to come true. The right thing is to organize pooja at your homes. The nine nights are dedicated to rejoicing the victory of Durga and her nine avatars.

The Bright Festival

It is celebrated in the bright nights selected on the basis of the lunar calendar mostly in the month of September/October. The nights are made brighter with the lighting at the homes and temples. It is essential to light up the area of placement of the Durga’s statue.

The Fireworks Special

Depending upon the region and the devotees, some of them celebrate the event with the name Rama Lila and Dushehra to celebrate the victory of the good over evil. Both celebrations follow the common theme of the victory of the good. The fireworks are used symbolically to frighten the evils and keep them stay away from them.

The plays

The special costumes, makeup, masks and get overs are the speciality of the festival where the cultural media conveys the story of the brave goddess to the young generations. This is the traditional way to keep the culture alive. The plays are conducted in the communities near temples where people gather to have a grand Pooja together. Other than plays the kids love to wear the costumes relevant to the festival.

Red, the Colour of Navratri

The statue of the Durga is always ornamented with red dress enhancing feminine beauty. The Navratri preparation required a lot of red and golden festive fabric; to cover the stage, to spread in the puja dish, to place the coconut upon and also the red thread to tie the pot and coconut with it. Red is the color of the first day (Shailaputri) or the opening celebrations of the festival as well. The other 8 days have their own theme colours. The colour of the second day (Brahmcharini) is royal blue, the third day (Chandraghanta) is yellow, fourth day (Kushmunda) is green, fifth day (Skandmata) is grey, sixth day (Katyayani) is orange, seventh day (Kalratri) is white, eighth day (Mahagauri) is pink and the ninth day (Sidhidatri) is red again.

This October 2018 Navratri is bringing you the time of festivity and joy to get the action begins and
Happy Navratri !

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