Cloud-based video conferencing will lead to exceptional market growth in the next seven years.
A couple of years ago we praised the evolution of video conferencing software. We witnessed how drastically it changed the way enterprises communicate and operate. The video conferencing solutions market is going to become stronger in businesses as we move from 2020 to 2021 and beyond. After all, video tech completely cuts down on travel time and the costs that come up with it. It also secures your business from unforeseen events. Furthermore, video conferencing software adds true value by enhancing your organization's communication & collaboration capabilities.
The video conferencing market had figures that reached a whopping $3.02 billion in 2018, but COVID has pushed work from home to another level. The numbers are projected to double by 2026, with an estimated projection of $6.37 billion in USD. The level of innovation this industry has experienced and will continue to experience to improve video conferencing for easier and better virtual meetings is visible.
More emphasis and attention to visual & audio communication for virtual meetings.
The time people spend on attending unproductive meetings has been the bane of corporate existence for years. A foolproof solution to hold improved and efficient meetings lies in top video conferencing software wherein every agenda item gets spoken over, people stay engaged, and on-topic. Based on a Doodle report, a whopping $399 billion is wasted in organizing poor meetings each year.
With the video conferencing market expanding, businesses and employees demand better, easier, and smarter video conferencing solutions to leverage sophisticated visuals. With high-quality hardware like LED screens or other mobile devices like smartphones or tablets, video conferencing has become much more easier and accessible. It helps meeting hosts cut out the stress by inviting hundreds of participants through breakout rooms and agenda-based meetings.
The integration of AI-based algorithms plays a significant role in the future of video conferencing as they would act as facilitators with machine learning capabilities to transcribe audio, count attendees, and facilitate insights into meeting engagement. This helps businesses focus on impactful meeting pieces. The integration of AI will cut-out a lot of noise through machine-learning algorithms by enhancing meeting audio to cut-out background disruptions.
Outlining a clear agenda helps facilitate a clear agenda. Outlining an agenda is the first step in holding better and productive meetings. When it comes to video-enabled conferences and meetings, it is always good to leverage exceptional acoustics to boost meeting effectiveness. Poor audio and video acoustics are some of the top irritators in a virtual meeting.
To chalk it up, meeting participants have high expectations from various features like multimedia, audio, and video communications, etc. Thanks to leaps in audio and video technology, fast internet speed, quick buffering, and more modern virtual meetings can be quick, efficient, and streamlined.
Video conferencing will be the next commonplace for your business meetings.
There is no doubt how video conferencing has changed the way people meet globally and operate their work. With the rise of iFMeets as an all-encompassing solution for enterprise collaboration, there has been an upscale rise in the adoption of video conferencing. As employees and businesses discover, explore, and leverage business collaboration tools like iFMeets, the demand for video conferencing has grown manifold.
What employees experience at their workplace, is what they will continue to do so at home as well. Users have become comfortable with easy-to-use and engaging user-interfaces that integrate well with common hardware technology. With top features like breakout rooms, agendas, meeting recording, transcription, QR codes, whiteboards, presentation uploads, and more, users can make their workflows easier and better.
For employees who are always in the field, video conferencing is the most viable tool to collaborate with clients or customers on-the-go. The benefits of video meetings for field personnel include reduced travel costs, enhanced productivity, and higher meeting engagement.
Meetings are more-likely to be held On-The-Fly.
Video conferencing solutions like iFMeets facilitate on-the-go video conferencing through QR codes wherein registered users can generate a QR code for quick meetings. Huddle rooms also called breakout rooms to help create smaller groups for shorter periods. As a “Barrier Free Communications” approach, businesses can organize training webinars for global employees to learn new skills and leverage corporate training. Enterprises now truly have the means to make corporate meetings a unique experience that fits the needs of everyone involved. Remember, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the whole video conferencing experience, you can always partner with iFMeets to help guide you with your video conferencing plans & needs.
Make your business Future-Ready with top video conferencing solutions.

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As witnessed, the way we communicate and collaborate at work has changed dramatically. Traditional workspaces are fading into oblivion and replaced by more sophisticated video conferencing tech-all enabled by modern technology that lives up to today’s standards & worker expectations. The common denominator would always be a collaboration, AI integration, and unified communications that can make it happen. All there is left to do is act on these emerging trends and leverage significant benefits.