6. Cook Dinner For Your Partner
Cooking dinner for your partner is also a safe solution for many couples. If you like cooking, cooking dinner for your partner will be a loving and warm gesture that your partner can feel easy. Actually, this is not cheap but you can express yourself and show your partner that you are trying to make them feel happy and warm. Of course, this idea requires your good culinary skills. Or at least, you should ensure that your culinary skills are good enough to make your partner feel happy because you are trying to do it. And the important thing is that you should ask your partner about what superfoods they like and dislike so that your dinner is the most perfect.

7. Being Volunteer
Being a volunteer is often entered on the list of the best romantic first date ideas. Many people like working as a volunteer. And it is very great to introduce your passions and interests of volunteering at an organization to your partner. This is a meaningful job. Maybe your partner likes volunteering like you. During this first date, you can understand each other much more. You can select an animal shelter or an orphanage to do something. In the animal shelter, you can see how your partner behaves with the animal or how your partner interacts with the others, especially with the poor, at the same time you can do the good for the community, a good job you like.

8. Be Tourist
Visiting a tourist hot spot is also considered as a great idea for the first date as long as that is a place that neither of you has been to before so as to ensure that it will attract you. This place may be in your own city and you can take this chance to explore your living environment. You will see that your city is also very beautiful. When being a tourist, you can experience many new things that you may never do it before. For example, you can see the museum in the tourist’s eyes, experiencing the feelings of a tourist in your city that you are living…. And you will see the beauty that you never discover before. Your partner and you can share that feeling together.

9. See A Comedy Show
In case you are not confident in your communication, a comedy show may be a great idea for you. It can help create a funny atmosphere. With a comedy show, you will feel relaxed and comfortable, especially after a hard working day. Choosing a comedy show for the first date is considered as a safe solution for many people in any date. Because the comedy show can help both of you be closer as well as remove the distance between your partner and you on the first date. After seeing a comedy show, you can go to a coffee shop to enjoy an elegant atmosphere and talk about something. At this time, everything will get easier. You can talk about yourself and ask something about your partner. Now the distance is not your problem. And you will see that seeing a comedy show is not bad.

10. Recreate A Romantic Movie Scene
There are many ways to create a romantic atmosphere on a first date. Recreating a romantic movie scene is not a strange idea for many couples. However, it is also an excellent idea that you should try. You can consider some romantic scene from some films that you love and then create the romantic atmosphere. But it will take you a lot of time and money to do it. If you think your effort will make your partner feel happy, you should try to do it. It can help your partner feel that you see the relationship with them as important as they do.

In general, you can think or find many romantic first date ideas on the internet or from your friends. Depending on your hobbies and budget, you can choose an idea that you see it is the best one for you. The above ideas are just some information that you can see for reference in case you cannot think what you should do on the first date.

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