The Pakistanis began to immigrate to UK in small groups since the late 50s.At that time, the immigration rules were in favor of Pakistanis, who had higher education and expert skills. Naturally, the Pakistanis who immigrated to UK during that period were highly educated. A majority of them went there not to settle down permanently, but to return to their own country after completion of their degree or programs. After the huge surge of immigration from Mirpur around the 1960s, when a huge dam was built, about 403,000 residents have their progeny in the former colonial power. In the previous days, the former Britain allowed the immigration to numerous Pakistanis, as they needed human resources for different industrial centers in the northern and central England. Nowadays, the UK immigration laws for Pakistanare being more and more complicated; the Pakistanis residing in Mirpur are trying hard to ensure residential rights for themselves. This in turn has given rise to the sudden wedding boom.

The immigration consultants and the wedding planners have a hard time in Mirpur:

The wedding boom of the Pakistanis became extremely noticeable in Mirpur, where about 200,000 of Britain’s total population have their family origins according to the estimation of Islamabad. The wedding planners are at tight schedules due to the rush. The immigration consultants are also having a hard time, under the huge loads of paperwork as the brides and grooms are queued to file up the migration papers within July 6, supposedly the last working day, before the deadline.

The new UK immigration laws:

It has been formulated from July 9, that a person earning less than £18,600 ($29,000) a year will not be able to shift a foreign spouse to Britain, or less than £22,400 if that spouse has a child. In order to gather British nationality, the foreign spouses are now required to be experts in English. He or she needs to wait for five years to prove the genuine nature of their relationship, and after being in Britain, pass a Life in the UK test. Thus, there is a huge rush for the English classes to acquire a quick degree or diploma in English, mostly by the girls than the male candidates.

The wedding planners saw a record in their business from the April to the first week of July. April is also a very convenient month for marriage, before the scorching heat of summer. Moreover, nobody was prepared for the sudden implementation of the new laws for immigration to the UK, and hence everybody wanted to secure their residential rights before the deadline.

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