Wherever you go today, there will be some sign of New Age. From books and magazines to music, whole shops dedicated to various paraphernalia and seminars or conventions; every town, every city and a huge part of the internet will have something involving the New Age Movement. But what is it all about?

It is not, as some may believe, a religion in itself. There is no common holy scripture, central organisation or membership, in fact followers are encouraged to choose the belief system (some of which will follow in a moment) they are most comfortable with. Many individuals simply take a part of the various beliefs and practices and incorporate them into their lives alongside their existing religious affiliation.

So what are the various fundamental beliefs within this New Age Movement? Some believe that everything in existance stems from one divine source of energy, this is referred to as Monism. In Pantheism, followed by others, the belief is that everything existing is God, and God is everything existing, resulting in the concept of individual divinity - each and every individual is God. Here God is not seen as existing in some heavenly place, or being revealed in sacred scriptures, but he is being sought within the inner self and throughout all of the universe.
Another group follows the belief that God is the entire universe while trascending the universe at the same time, a belief system known as Panentheism. Reincarnation (a repeating cycle of birth, death, rebirth) and Karma (the belief that all deeds within one life will be either rewarded or punished in the next) are linked and both originate from Hinduism.
Most believe in auras and the ability of some individuals to detect and interpret them, thus being able to diagnose the physical, mental and spiritual health of an individual. Many believe that an intense mystical experience, often brought about by hypnosis, guided imagery or meditation, as well as - occasionally - the use of drugs, will result in and enhance a personal transformation leading to the development of psychic powers, the ability to heal and a greater understanding of the universe as a whole.
Ecological responsibility is a widespread belief that it is of paramount importance to unite in oder to protect the earth - a living entity, known as Mother Earth, or Gaia.

Practices within New Age are varied and many of them are also practised - or to be precise have been practised long before it's emergence - by many who do not consider themselves to be part of it. These practices include channelling, crystal healing (many believe crystals contain healing energies), meditation, divination (techniques include the use of runes, tarot cards, pendulums and the I ching), astrology, holistic health - for instance homeopathy, reflexology, iridology, aromatherapy, etc - and the human potential movement, a collection of therapies involving individuals or groups using mental or physical methods to help individuals achieve advanced spirituality (methods include Transcendental meditation, primal scream therapy and yoga, among others).

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Rachel Ann writes for the psychic & metaphysical arena and is a reiki master.


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