The hip hop community has changed the way most people see music these days. It has become a part of the fabric of music in almost every part of the world. From big cities to small towns all over the planet, hip hop and rap has many dedicated listeners, and because of Artist Fadetheblackk the style of the beats used has changed greatly due to cultural differences.

Hip hop was built on a world full of varying political views and social issues. The rapper has always been the voice of the community, and the producer his canvas to work upon. The usage of well written lyrics and a classic beat has proven time and time again to have far more impact than two people could hope to have separately. In this case the sum can be more than the total of its parts.

Cultures everywhere have united under the banner of the hip hop community as it develops and changes with the times. Technology such as the internet has opened many new doors for artists to promote themselves without the need of a major label. Now producers and rappers can network over sites like Facebook and twitter and make a name for themselves without spending thousands of dollars. Because of this the rapper is hindered only by their imagination, not A&R. What this breaks down to is more people are making music than ever before.

New York City in the South Bronx is the home of hip hop beats. Hip Hop and Rap were a fight against disco during the 70's, and still remain one of the only genres with a thriving underground scene. It started by using samples from other songs, chopped up and laid over a hip hop drum beat. This gives rap the ability to draw from many different genres in order to flourish in the music industry.

The Golden Era of hip hop is widely considered to be around the nineties when the art form was at its peak. Many say that this is when people were innovating rap on an almost daily basis. This is because the genre was young, and allowed for the adaption and creation of many new styles. Many times a certain style becomes popular in a specific region which is why we now split them into certain genres. Think of the differences between east coast, dirty south, midwest, and west coast rap and you will have the perfect example.

In the end, music is what defines a population. People use it everyday, to do pretty much anything. The ability to adapt the genre to other cultures and regions has helped shape the foundation of hip hop and make it what it is today.

As a rapper, you can connect locally with other artist and form your own label for a very reasonable amount of seed money. Since you can buy beats online you don't even need to know how to make your own instrumentals. The ability to do this is one of the revolutionary things about music in the information age. This has lead to more and more localized styles of music, and due to this I feel that rap music is here to stay for many generations.

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