For some of us, we don’t always see positivity for what it is.

It is not that unusual to find that those who live their lives in a positive way, express positive mantras and are regarded as positive role models, will often attract hostility, jealousy, suspicion and other negative responses.
This is perverse isn’t it?

I am able to highlight just two of history’s most powerful names from many that could be presented as an example of this; Jesus Christ and Martin Luther King Jr.

So what exactly is it that creates ill feeling towards these good people? Why are they looked upon in an underhand way as a ‘do-gooder’, liberal and worse?

Some may argue (and there is some truth in this) that it is because positive people arouse discomfort in some, by making mentally public the privacy of their deficiencies, and or a hidden deep-set wish to be just like them… a kind of reverse compliment if you like.

Indeed, those who are seemingly blazing-a-trail, may meet open hostility from peers instead of support. Those who are blessed by nature with good looks, will often be the subject of covert ridicule and slit eyed, teeth gritting admiration, and those with the innate gift for inspirational ideas and turning them into monetary fortune, will for sure have more enemies than friends.

There is a thought that I hold dear, it is this… If you want to REPLICATE, it is wise to EMULATE.

In short, if you want to have success and all things good in life, it is a wholly good decision not to distance, cut off, dismiss and undermine those achieving success; but instead try to discover the secrets of these very special and remarkable people.

Positive people will often willingly share their knowledge, success principles and positivity in a blink of an eye – they believe unerringly, that by giving and sharing, success will eventually amplify and rebound.

It is easy to succumb to the daily bombardment of negativity; it is EVERYWHERE – so it is really a good idea, and relatively easy to lock on to what is poor information, are negative role models, corrupt ideals, and quite frankly, those who are down right negative, and do your utmost to erase them from your life.

Just like what you consume in the way of food and drink will have a gradual or instant affect on your physiological well-being, so it is, of the negativity that is all about us – absorb it, and IT WILL ABSORB YOU.

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My passion is to highlight and then nurture the hidden talents and strengths within others; to teach lessons of self-reflection and self-growth using my core life experiences, proven success principles techniques, relaying inspiration, training and drive to succeed.

In 2001 I authored the in demand ‘health-check’ publication Little Book of Self Empowerment, published by Janus Publishing – in the publisher's words.. what has been described as "beautifully formed droplets of wisdom" covering a comprehensive range of subjects from Depression to Family, to Pain and Anxiety.

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