Nowadays, the time we spend with our children is so less that we dont know how much they have grown. One moment, our child would be a small soft baby snuggling in our hands and the next moment they are young adults, ready to go to college. We just dont know when and how time has passed.

Many of us wish we could be there during the childhood days of our kids; supporting them, being part of their achievement, etc. The day to day activities take a considerable toll on our relationships whether it is with our spouse or kids. The concept of family time is somewhat fading nowadays. We become so much involved in our work and business that we forget all about our family life. Just like the offers of Cox Communication, we also dont know about the offers that life gives us.

It is a known fact that we have missed and sacrificed many of the birthdays of our children for the sake of the work. But at times we regret and when we think about it, the question does come to our mind. Was it worth? Spending hours in office and just forgetting about your childs achievement can be demoralizing for your childs future. At an early age, children do need the care and companionship of their parents. They are at a young age, where they can be molded into a positive or negative character.

Seriously, parenting is no walk in a park. It is one of the toughest and hardcore responsibilities. Being a parent is not like a 9 to 6 job. It is a job that you do 24/7 and that also lifetime. You cannot escape and resign from this job. Unlike other relationship, in parenting you need to be 100% committed to your children. Why? The future of your child depends on the relationship you have with them. At a young age, children learn their behavior from their parents. The way you behave, communicate, show your feelings, even your body movements are closely monitored and will be practiced by your child. So there is a need among us to develop and set a good example for our children.

Now the question that comes to your mind is how can you have and develop a good relationship with your children. Frankly, it is not an easy task and takes time. You cannot have a nice and enjoyable parent-child relationship in one day. It gradually takes time and you will have to get used to it. Always try to have a good family time at least during the dinner. Try to communicate with your child and try to inquire about various activities and things that happen in their life. You could know who are the best friends of your kids, what school activities they are participating in, whether they have girlfriends or boyfriends, etc.

If not you could always go for a game with your kids. Take them to the basket or the baseball champion league games. If not that, you could take them to a zoo or park and try to have an enjoyable time. Even having movie nights at your house or theater is a very good idea to spend some parent-child time. You need to know that once the time or the chance is lost, it cannot be returned. There could be a time in the future where you could sit and regret for not spending some time with your kids. You would think about why you weren’t there when you kid won the spelling bee contest; hit his first home run, etc.

Many psychiatrists have also termed the lack of parent-child relationship the reason for divorce among parents. Not able to control and stop the ruthless and agonizing behaviors have led to the breaking of the relationship between parents. It puts tremendous pressure on them that they start to blame each other for the unapologetic behavior of their kids.

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