As human beings we have an innate need “to do”. We build, we repare, we create. We use tools, and if we don’t have the appropriate tool at hand, we create one. We use and manipulate all forms of media, including space. We occupy our environment and we change it as our needs require.

We are all born with the curiosity to find out things, to try them and to learn through our cognitive and sensing mechanisms. We think, love, laugh and live. We respond to our habits daily, we all have possessions, traditions, we set our laws or somebody else set it for us, so we are a meaningful attachment to our environment. At every age we try, make mistakes, then solve all the problems we face, and try again. Sometimes we make the decision not to try again. Sometimes, we’re overwhelmed with grief and despair, we realize that we can’t go on until we consciously decide to disengage and leave it for a while, until our physical and mental resources refill again. Living is our occupation, and we are consuming the experiences of life. We can respond with optimism, hope, faith and enthusiasm in our environment and ourselves, or be overshadowed by uncertainty, lack of enthusiasm, and sometimes, despair. Our activities are primary agents for learning and exploration. Humans affect their world through doing, gaining pleasure and satisfaction through activities.

Over the past several decades, we all have been trying to use information through technology to optimize our living, our businesses and make our lives easier. This has been the most provoking journey of our life. New is always different – what we need to get acquainted to the environment – is to use the Power of Focus, the Power of To Do. Almost everything we see, use, produce, feel or think – changes or it’s getting advanced due to our implications. Depending on the percentage we want to be involved, we can create our activity and influence our results. Whatever is our approach, we can have the information and analysis of the performance display. You have to only choose, if you agree with that, or you need to use some other tools to perform different, due to your environment. We all can manage our time, and our activities, but first we have to monitor the final results, to know what’s the best direction we could take, to make “the need to do” light up our expectations.

What we can do, might become a gift to the world :

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Some encouraging words are difficult to say, maybe, but…by practicing them, you will be rewarded by the results..I’ll try to inspire others by thinking positive, to use their talents and fulfill their potential.People will follow those who blaze a positive trail. Please enjoy my writing, and hope to have with you future implications.