An average person in their lifetime has varying diet needs at various phases of their lifetime. Be it during early adulthood or early motherhood, the role of calcium is inexplicable in a person's life. During this period, the person may or may not find themselves lacking in terms of the required nutrients for the person.

The reason can be insufficient diet practice, unhealthy food practices and mainly junk food consumption in huge numbers. This not only helps in contributing to the obesity part of our unhealthy lifestyle but also has a role in not providing the materials required by the body.

Here is where nutrient supplements come in hand:

Deprived of nutrients, the body tends to show some side effects; if I said it in a way, they tend to make you tired easily, make you lose your stamina, even mess with your regular schedule. This holds for all those individuals, who are active in their day to day activities. Viactiv caramel calcium chews or such calcium supplements come in play to avoid the person skip some important nutrients, which are essential in the smooth growth and healthy functioning of the body.

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Why go for nutrient supplements?

From a mature age of 18, the body tends to change the bone structure, which requires a sufficient amount of nutrients, mainly calcium, to aid bone growth. Not only do they provide the necessary calcium required for the body, but it also acts as a supporting factor towards the growth of an individual.

Who requires these supplements?


  • Teens:


The reason why teens are specifically mentioned is that teens are active in their lives. The fair amount of exercise, the physical exertion they go through in this stage of their childhood is essential in further nurturing the body to grow concerning the age at which they are currently in. Poor diet, feisty eating habit and a whole lot of junk food and fast food later, the body absorbs all the necessary nutrients to function and grow properly. Here is where Viactiv calcium +vitamin d3 supplement comes into the picture, which helps the child grow with all the necessary nutrition they require.


Mothers who are in their early stages of pregnancy do need more dietary requirements for the well-being of the developing fetus. For this, the mother should take a careful evaluation of the types of nutrients that she should consume for the health of the baby. Sometimes the food intake might not be enough for both the mother and the baby. This can be countered by consuming Viactiv calcium +vitamin d3 supplement which provides an adequate amount of nutrition required.


  • Working individuals:

Individuals who hold 9 to 5 jobs are known to get exhausted due to excess work put in them. This could cause fatigue to kick in faster than expected. This could also happen due to insufficient diet and broken food consumption habits. Supplements such as Viactiv caramel calcium chews could help in boosting energy levels and could also help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


People who have reached 5-score and above in their lifetime, are the ones who lose calcium and bone density quite quickly. This could result in bone-related diseases to arrive in quick succession with old age. This could also result in breakage in bones due to very little impact and even lesser bone density. Taking Viactiv calcium +vitamin d3 supplement with their regular diet would not only help in rebuilding bone density but also helps increase energy level.


Plenty of reasons to opt for multivitamin supplement.

Reasons for consuming supplements:

In the case of children, due to feisty eating habits, there is a major chance that they wouldn't receive the apt amount of calcium needed to grow. This could result in the children not achieving their full potential in terms of height. This could result in stunted growth of kid's height, which could ultimately result in underdevelopment of height in adulthood.

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Are there any known risks in Viactiv calcium +vitamin d3 supplement?

There's always a small catch. There are factors where a person would have excessive calcium content in their bloodstream. People with this condition should avoid calcium supplements for their good. It is not definitive though. Some reports do suggest a connection of calcium supplements with other heart ailments, which is the primary reason why many suggest to visit a certified consultant or even better, a doctor or a nutrient specialist, to know about the current calcium and vitamin intake that the body requires. Only on that basis, do the doctors, or the physicist gives the go-ahead to consume these supplements.

Ultimately, all a person needs to take care of is their diet by including the most vital and nutrient-rich food which acts as a substitute to supplements.

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