At this time some maturity is taking place in the womb of the invisible which will show wondrous good results in future. On seeing it, it will be difficult to believe that it is that very human race and world which set rolling the business of hatred. Was it not bent on creating hell like situations instead of ushering heaven on earth? It will be difficult to understand. This is because that human race which insists on sowing venomous seeds would in future set an example of such equality and oneness on seeing which the dream of a world family will materialize. On the basis of race and gender that differentiation of high and low being noted will not be seen at all in the 21st century. No doubt nature based differences like long-short, black-white, heavy-light will remain yet it will not lead to lessening of human rights.

Religious sects will only remain curiosities in future. Just as we wear clothes of our liking, soap that suits us so too people will opt for that religious sect as per their liking yet they will not insist that only their religion is right and all else are illusory. There will be no enticement or pressure to give up their religious ideology. They will not opt for another religion due to pressure of any sort. On reaching such a serene state this too could happen that everyone with goodwill visits temples, churches, mosques etc and by understanding that all religions have one goal will revere all religious founders. Along with this under today’s changing times will change those beliefs/traditions which need to be changed. Thus they will give up all prejudice and accept oneness of soul which is the theme of all religions.

Man is merely a species. Everyone’s blood is red hence we must experience a sense of oneness with all and in social transactions too behave with camaraderie. Via this bulldozer of oneness the dunes of separatism will be evened out. This will not remain limited merely to beliefs but will advance as cooperation. Instead of food being cooked separately in each house larger families will come into vogue. Within it people will experience inner and social comforts and will taste bliss and zest while living with a sense of inner oneness. If by living in large families arrangements are made to wash clothes, feeding children, educating them, buying various items, security, entertainment etc in one area then in comparison to today’s nuclear families comforts will augment manifold times. People will share each other’s joys and sorrows and a cooperative bank of larger families will disburse loans and take them back based on requirements. Many will become fast friends and bliss and cooperation will augment very naturally.

One’s mother tongue could be any language yet everyone will also master one common world language. One’s land of birth could be any region yet each will look upon the entire world as its motherland. People must not look upon themselves as citizens of a particular country but that they must say they are indwellers of the world. If one starts dwelling in empty regions and if the tradition sets in that everyone has equal rights in the production of that area then that disparity cannot remain wherein due to existence of more natural resources in a particular country, that nation becomes extremely powerful and other ordinary regions and its citizens lacking it face the wrath of inflation and hardships that ensue. This happens because certain people look upon a certain region of earth as its country and in order to augment its wealth do not think it wrong to oppress people of other nations and instead call it patriotism. Wars take place frequently due to this reason. In the past 5 hundred years totally about 1000 wars have ensued wherein millions lost their very lives and more than this so many became physically challenged, orphaned etc. Many died due to outbreak of epidemics. The cause for all this is so called patriotism which for wealth and success of its country, oppress and suppress citizens of other less powerful nations.

The 21st century will sweep away this pile of dirt. This pile of dirt will be put in craters so that useful fertilizer is obtained and on it those gardens will be constructed which will bloom flowers and fruits of paradise on earth.

Although on noting today’s dire conditions we do not have faith in the marvelous changes that will take place in the 21st century yet know for sure that this is bound to happen. In hot summer we do not have faith that in a few months monsoons will set in and that there will be greenery everywhere. In winter trees lose all their leaves. Hence who would know that in a few weeks time spring will commence and that flowers etc will bloom forth.

In the potential of the 20th and 21st century there will be such a vast difference that an ordinary intellect will fail to understand that potential. But those with subtle vision know that the mold has been casted and what is left is its adornment. A child in a mother’s womb cannot be seen but this much is definite that in a few weeks time it will be born and will play in the mother’s lap. The environment of changes in the 21st century in comparison to the 21st century will be very different but whatever is brewing within, on noting it, it will be understood that it is not be wild imagination but a definite fact.

If the new era based on its special quality incarnates along with the 21st century and is called an era of divine intellect most definitely it is not an overstatement. The only cause of today’s fearsome times and problems is faith based danger. People have renounced ideals, faith and true beliefs. They have imbibed beastly behavior. This cannot be warded off via enticement or fear. When within a divine intellect blooms a thought flow based on farsighted discrimination will manifest. Further we shall also witness greatness of character and gentlemanliness in social transactions. The individual will reform and the nature of world society will no longer remain mucky as is seen today. Those situation which are harsh today and are full of strife will give given up just as a snake gives up its old skin especially when the principle basis will change.

In the 21st century there will not be much change as far as availability of material comforts is concerned. Era transformation will result in people living with simplicity. In order to lead lives that majority the world over will live, even very wealthy people may perforce live frugally. Another change that will be seen is that those rushing from villages to urban area will virtually stop doing so. Larger metros will scatter and smaller towns will become the in thing. Big villages will become wealthy towns and nearby smaller villages will be nurtured and augmented by the former. Such a lovely cooperation will be seen as far as agriculture, profession, cottage industries etc is concerned that none will face discomfort, joblessness etc.

The 4 foundation stones of the 21st century will be equality, oneness, arrangement for justice and natural good merits. In oneness comes uniting of the world. Nations divided by borders selfishly work only for their country’s gain. The vicious cycle of oppression ensues and thus the weak remain downtrodden. Wars take place when countries want to widen their borders and thus billions of dollars are wasted. When the world will be united as one family no doubt certain borders will have to be demarcated for apt governance. Political power and wealth will be focused in one region and as per needs it will be disbursed. Various regions shall be re-divided based on geographical states. Wars will not be fought by armies but that justice will be meted out in courts of law. In the world’s constitution emphasis will be laid on justice and true discrimination. Where regions are densely populated there people will be asked to live in less dense regions. Everyone will have equal right to earth’s produce like natural resources etc. Various trends will be based on familial principles. The world will live peacefully as a family.

Another precept that will be imbibed is equality. Simply based on race and caste none will be looked upon as high or low. There will be no differences between men and women, where one is said to be superior then the other. In fact all sorts of gender and sectarian differences will end. Like 2 wheels of a chariot they will manage the family and society with steadfastness and true character.

A need for a single world language will be noted. Due to prevalence of so many languages unwanted disparity is noted amongst world humans and a lot of difficulty is felt while interpreting and translating various languages. If a single world language comes into existence people will bond with each other wonderfully and the give and take of thoughts will become facile. Realizing better comfort, people will accept the need of a single world language and thus extraordinary benefits will accrue as far as knowledge dissemination is concerned.

Akin to harm created via differences as far as race, gender and language are concerned is that of disparity. Wealth should belong to the world. Everyone should be given wealth based on capability and requirement. Thus none will remain rich or poor. Poverty and richness create many distortions in world society. When its cause is cut asunder, the resultant nature will be akin to communism and socialism.

The 3rd aspect is that of governance and law. Its new designing shall depend on utility and aptness. Even the difference based on law and mode of governance leads to either demeaned state or an egoistic lordly state of human beings. When cooperatives will come into vogue there will be no cause like fights between the boss and servant.

The 4th foundation of the 21st century will be good character. It includes dutifulness, living with self control etc. The nectar in the form of discipline put forth by various religions will be imbibed and it will have its basis in justice, discrimination and wholesomeness. People can follow any ritual/rite as per their liking. This is like choosing food or mode of dressing yet none will have the right to call themselves correct and others erroneous. Like different hued flowers of a beautiful garden all religions of the world shall coexist with camaraderie and shall definitely respect and honor each other.

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