The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation network is one of the fastest growing types of treatment in the world.

Narconon treatment is also different from most other drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers available to those struggling with addiction.

The philosophy of Narconon has always been simple; to

• Free the individual from the physical effect of drugs.

• To rehabilitate the spirit and help one to become a drug-free, ethical and productive member of society.

Narconon is not a medical program and believes that addiction is not a disease. The belief is that one is responsible for his own condition, and can permanently recover from the problem. Through Life Skills, raising one’s ability, giving them the tools to solve problems independently and dealing with the physical aspect of the problem, one can have true and lasting recovery.

Narconon was initially founded in 1966 by a man named William Benitez who found that the technology compromising the present program was very workable. This technology was researched and used by L. Ron Hubbard who was a famous author of a book called Diabetics, a humanitarian and the founder of the religion of Scientology.

While Narconon uses the premises of the information founded by Hubbard and are well supported by the Scientology community, the program does not teach principles for religious use. Rather the programs are secular in nature and use all information as a means to end addiction.

Because Hubbard did vast research on the subject, feeling it was one of man’s greatest problems; the information offered through Narconon is very workable and effective. In fact, seven out of ten Narconon graduates stay completely drug free after completion of the treatment program.

Narconon has had more than 30,000 people enter their treatment program.

A Breakdown Of Parts Of The Narconon Program

Using specific materials and having very clearly designated parts, the Narconon program consists of eight major steps. There are also support courses to help with learning and understanding. In addition to this after completion of each step, every client is checked for understanding and ability to apply the materials through an area in the Narconon organization called Qualifications.

The steps of the Narconon program are as follows:

1. Drug Free Withdrawal – by using specific vitamin regimens, healing processes called Assists, nutrition, rest and a good diet Narconon has clients undergo a drug free withdrawal. Each individual must receive a medical okay from a doctor and those who require medical detox must complete this before enrolling in the Drug Free Withdrawal Program from Narconon as this is a non-medicated program.

Those taking high doses of prescriptions, heavy alcohol users or very heavy opiate users usually have to undergo medical detox before drug free detox options can be used.

While in Drug Free Withdrawal clients are assisted by staff and closely monitored 24 hours a day. Nurses and other qualified staff document any changes or problems but the withdrawal is done in a social setting meaning that clients are not in a hospital room. Those coming off drugs that are stimulants like cocaine or methamphetamine will tend to sleep for long periods and increase their food intake. For individuals coming off drugs like heroin, some prescriptions [in lighter dosages that don’t require medical detox services] or even alcohol [not severe use] individuals may have feelings trouble sleeping or may even be going through opiate withdrawal and have “flu like” symptoms.

With all types of drugs it is common to see things like depression, anger, sadness and anxiety. Narconon Drug Free Withdrawal uses vitamins like Calcium and Magnesium to help with sleep and muscle aches and B vitamins as well as Vitamin C to support the nervous system and immune system in the detox process and help to handle deficiencies caused by drugs.

Physical “Assists” are used throughout withdrawal which is based on techniques which were founded by L. Ron Hubbard. They help to get the client to keep in communication with his body and to get into the present time environment, rather than focus his attention on past problems related to the substance abuse issues.

Drug Free Withdrawal usually lasts one week, or two at the most.

2. The second part of the Narconon program is called “Therapeutic Training Routines” or TR’s. These are drills done to help raise the confront, control and communication of the drug user in an effort to remedy where they lost communication or were unable to communicate because of drugs. Training Routines also help with learning how to use positive control in one’s life with oneself and others. In addition to this the drills have been proven to raise the confront of the individual. This comes in handy when dealing with issues related to the drug addiction.

3. The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program is the next part of the treatment and is vital to permanent recovery from substance abuse and addiction. This is a “sweating” program where one his able to get drug residues out of the body from the substances he or she has ingested. Removing these toxins greatly aids in subduing physical drug cravings which are the number one reason for relapse. The New Life Detoxification Program has a very specific protocol that has to be followed.

This involves the use of:

• Nutritional supplements including fast release Niacin or B3 as well as a specific regimen of vitamins and minerals.
• Sweating in a dry heat sauna for intermitted periods.
• A nutritious diet with plenty of vegetables.
The program is done 7 days per week and has results like no other. Those who have completed the New Life Detoxification Program report feeling clearer, smarter, having more energy and feeling healthier overall.

4. Life Skills Courses are what the remainder of what the Narconon program is made up of. The first of these is a course called Learning How To Learn which helps students to overcome the Barriers to Study. These barriers affect learning in a major way and the ability to retain information. After completing Learning How To Learn one can retain and apply information; primarily that taught to resolve issues related to drug addiction.

The next course offered through the Narconon program is called The Communication And Perception Course. This course helps to handle the mental effects of drugs; substances which stick one’s attention in the past and out of present time. This course has students do drills that will bring his attention into the present environment. Because of this he will have more control over his own actions and decisions. It is a course that is done with another student; called a twin on a turnabout basis.

The next Life Skills Course is called The Ups And Downs In Life Course. This helps to differentiate those in the addicts life who are there to help versus those who are there to tear the individual down or make him less. Students learn about what characteristics can be destructive and how those with the characteristics can be dealt with. This course is done on a valid principle of recovery where those in one’s environment can help or hurt success after treatment. The course teaches the student how to handle those who may hurt his recovery.

The Personal Values and Integrity Course is offered next and this is a very important part of the Narconon treatment. It teaches about responsibility and gives one the ability to look at his past misdeeds and fully take responsibility for these. Once complete one will feel a renewed connection with his environment and the people and things he shied away from before because of the transgressions he committed against them.

The course also teaches about something called the 8 Dynamics, or parts of his life. This starts with self and moves into family, the group, mankind, the environment and encompasses every area of life. One learns how to improve his dynamics and increase his survival.

The Changing Conditions In Life Course comes after this and teaches one a very simple and practical technology for improving his condition in life. While the steps are very simple; they are also very powerful and will aid in repairing past unwanted and non-optimum conditions caused by drug use and addiction.

The final life skills course in the Narconon program is called The Way To Happiness. This course helps to give one a common sense guide to living to help increase his happiness through a simple moral code for living. The book contains 21 precepts like “take care of your body” and “do not harm a person of good will” and others that help with everyday living.

The Narconon program has proven to be a real solution for drug and alcohol addiction where seven out of ten graduates stay permanently off drugs after completion of the program.

Author's Bio: 

Clark Carr is the President of Narconon International, the worldwide management headquarters of the Narconon drug rehabilitation and prevention network. Narconon now has 150 centers in 50 countries. Mr. Carr worked for years as a teacher, youth counselor, and business consultant. In 1985 he was asked to take over administration of a Narconon treatment center in Los Angeles.

He took that responsibility on and received intensive, hands-on training in the Narconon methodology, learning as well a great deal about the chaotic lives of addicts.

After personally running a Narconon rehab center for 10 years, he was invited to become President of the international network. Since 1995 he has travelled the world speaking on behalf of Narconon and demonstrating its methods and discussing results. He has spoken before conferences in cities as diverse as New York City; Shanghai, China; Mumbai, India; Stockholm, Sweden; Abuja, Nigeria; Almaty, Kazakhstan, and Moscow, Russian Federation.

He has delivered drug educator training sessions in the Philippines, Pakistan, Mexico, and across the United States. For the last several years, he was worked throughout wartorn Mexico helping religious Twelve Step (Alcoholics Anonymous) programs to learn some of Narconon’s drug-free, holistic treatment methods.

He is also a published author.