Sometimes, in life, we become anxious in trying to have everything work out perfectly. We often seek the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect spouse, the perfect car etc. The truth is there is no such "country" by that name. For one to experience real joy, everything does not have to be perfect. Once this premise is established, one can relax and enjoy all of the blessings and miracles of life. For example, just because your child does not get all "A's" in school does not mean that he or she can not get into a good college or become productive in life. Change your focus from "perfection" to acceptance. Accept the reality of the level on which he or she is functioning. If your child is doing well and is happy, enjoy the progress with him or her.

The following are a few suggestions to overcome the perfectionistic syndrome:
1. Celebrate small accomplishments. Maybe you did not get into Harvard, but you did get accepted into a good college not as far away. Be glad in the fact that you will still get to meet new people, make new friends, learn something different and move forward toward your career goal and life purpose.
2. Accept the fact that even the best of plans go wrong at times. Just because you get a run in your stockings or a whole in your pants leg, doesn't mean that you have to miss the meeting. The thing to do is to acknowledge what happened if someone asks and keep your focus on the task or event at hand.
3.Approach life with an attitude of love. Maybe the pie that you made for Aunt Betsy didn't turn out quite right. Perhaps, the crust was just a little too crumbly. Instead of lamenting, remember the love that prompted you to make it in the first place. Think of the ingredients that you so lovingly put in it. A crumbling crust is not going to alter the taste of a pie made with love.
4. Change your perspective. Maybe your idea of the perfect man is 6' tall and the one who asks you out is actually 5'.
Go out with him anyway. You may discover that his genuine attitude and kindness is "taller" than his height. The same goes for men. If your concept of the perfect woman is one of curves, you may just want to consider asking the lady
who may not meet your physical standards, but whose character outweighs her size.
5. Try something new in spite of your fear that you won't get it right or perfect. Enjoy the process!

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Emily DeCarlo is a fascinating woman with a very strong belief in God. Her faith leads her to know that nothing that God does is insignificant and therefore, we do not have to live limited, mediocre lives. She espouses to the belief that God is great and therefore greatness lies within all of us. She is the author of several books of poetry, one of which was used as a supplemental text for English 211 at Virginia State University. She also has written a manual entitled "Using Poetry to Promote Linguistics and Language Acquisition" which was used in the graduate Special Education Department at Virginia State University. Another manual that Dr. DeCarlo has penned is entitled " The Crab Effect". It is a manual based on the story of Joseph in the Bible. The subtitle is "How to Handle the Haters in Your Life". Dr. DeCarlo is an evangelist, author, poet, researcher and entrepreneur. She is in the process of developing the DeCarlo Institute for the Healing Arts, a center for research relative to the promotion of wellness and the maintenance of healthy lifestyles. The center also addresses different approaches to maintaining and promoting health such as Thai bodywork, meditation, natural healing, faith healing, relaxation therapy and Ayurveda medicine. Dr. DeCarlo also uses poetry therapy to assist others in facing and resolving life's tests and trials. Her book entitled "Poetry for Healing" is soon to be released. She is a licensed and ordained minister and has served as an associate minister and head of the Daughters of Esther Women's Ministry for the past ten years at the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church at 925 Arlington Road in Hopewell, Virginia. She also has a poem " Epiphany" which was published in Essence magazine in 2008 (January edition). Her CD of anointed poetry made its debut in 2009 and is still available today. She was inducted into Sigma Tau Delta Literary Society for outstanding contributions to literature. She performs her original poetry for various occasions and events around the country. She has traveled to China to view the education system and learned some of their Ancient Chinese Medicine practices during her approximately two weeks tenure there