Being a new mom means you are breastfeeding your little one, and your regular clothes may not provide easy access. Also, if you plan to nurse your baby for a longer time, you may need to do it in public places. Becoming a mother means lots of added responsibilities, so your style may take a backseat. You may not feel the need to dress up and put on stylish clothes, but you want clothes that are comfortable and make your life easier.

A nursing top is a solution to all your above problems. A nursing top helps you to feed your baby quickly and more efficiently than regular clothes. Moreover, nursing tops are specifically designed for keeping nursing mothers in mind! This means they have many useful features to make your busy life easier.

Q1. What are the useful features of nursing tops?

# Easy to use for breastfeeding: Nursing tops have openings, which makes it easy for you to use when breastfeeding.

# Not too tight on your body: Nursing tops are usually loose and made from natural fabrics that are comfy and easy to wear. If you wear tight-fitting clothes during breastfeeding, it can compromise milk supply and may cause mastitis.

# Hides your post-pregnancy belly: Most nursing tops are designed so that they are more flattering to your post-baby body. If you are self-conscious of your body after delivery, it would be helpful for you to wear nursing tops as they are made to hide belly fat.

# Comes with an option of built-in bra: Nursing tops offer you the option of not wearing nursing bras as some of them come with built-in bra. So, if you want to skip wearing a nursing bra, find yourself a nursing top with a great built-in bra that offers support to your breasts.

# Stylish and trendy designs Nursing tops come in many styles and designs, which makes you look fashionable and trendy yet feel comfortable.

# Ease of access: Nursing tops are available in different styles that come with either buttons or clips, which you can easily open when you are preparing to feed your little one.

Q2. Do I need nursing tops?

Not everyone uses nursing clothes, but it may prove very useful to some mothers. If you feel shy about feeding your baby in public places, then nursing tops are your best option.

Q3. From where can I buy Nursing Tops?

After having learned about all the benefits of nursing tops, you are ready to buy some. Don’t worry; we have it sorted. Many companies like WobblyWalk, Firstcry, H&M, and Zivame, etc. offer a wide range of nursing tops. Visit their online sites or stores to find nursing tops in different types and styles which cater to everyone’s needs and requirements.

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Darfashan Parveen is a creative writer and blogger associated with Wobbly Walk - India’s Leading Maternity and Nursing Wear Brand. She is a writer by day and a reader by night. Apart from her interests in writing and editing, she loves traveling too.