Most home businesses used to operate primarily through mail order. Since the internet, most home businesses operate online. Either way the most profitable activity in your business is list building. This is how and why.
It really does not matter what type of business you have. You will always want to build a list to maximize your profits.
Types of list might include your customer list, prospect list etc. The reason why you want to build a list is because a potential customer usually only visits one time without a reminder.
With traditional businesses this might lead to more expensive advertising via newspaper, television, radio etc… However, it would not only be less expensive, but also much more profitable if they simply mailed out offers to their existing mailing list.
This is especially true online. People rarely buy anything from a website that they visit only once. There is even a chance that they will never visit that website again.
List building on the internet is ten times less expensive and more manageable than traditionally with an auto-responder.
Some people might tell you that email marketing is dead, but that is probably because they are trying to sell you on an idea.
Building a list will always be a good idea, and will lead to a more profitable home business.
It is deeper than building a list just for solicitation purposes. You also want to work on your relationship with your list by delivering value to them. This will lead to more profits.

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