Colombia is full of a lot of amazing and enjoyable national parks. Some are at the coastal area, some in the mountainous region called the Andina, in which the Cerro Occidental, the Cerro Central and the Cerro Oriental run from the Caribbean to the border with Ecuador, and some are into the tropical areas of the Selvas region.

If you would like to explore all of them you are able to arrange a tour, stay at the appealing hotels in Colombia and have lots of entertaining

Here’s a short list of a number of the most attractive national parks in Colombia:

1. Amacayacú National Park

The park is situated in the Department of Amazonas and covers 11.000 square miles. There is a visitor’s center with typical Colombia hotels, a museum, an auditorium, along with a research center. There are 4 platforms at the rain forest to observe flora and fauna, with refuges where to reside overnight. It was established in 1975.

2. Los Katios National Park

Los Katíos is located in north-west Colombia in the north of the Department of Chocó between the frontier with Panama and the west bank of the river Atrato. It also involves the swamps of Tumaradó to the east of this river and land between the Cacarica, Perancho and Peye rivers. Los Katíos forms a transfrontier guarded area with Panama's Darién National Park and World Heritage Site. The Park presents Darién hills and swampy plateau, subtropical rain forest, tapir, otter, and jaguar Natural World Heritage Site.

3. Isla Gorgona National Park

Established in 1983-84, this national park covers an area of 190 Sq. Miles. The Park includes the Mountainous (volcanic) Gorgona and Goronilla islands; coral reefs; rain forest Named by Francisco Pizarro. You'll find also several varieties of snakes observed on the island.

4. Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Established in 1964 the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta national park includes, Mountain massif close to the Caribbean seacoast; arid foothills, lowland tropical forest, cloud forest, and glaciers; deer, puma, jaguar, and anteater.

5. Utría

Covering an place of 210 Sq. miles, the Utria National part was established in 1987. The park area involves, Mangrove swamps, estuaries, coral reefs and tropical rain forest

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