Studies show that as a person ages, their hormone levels start steadily decreasing and it is this that causes the many external signs of aging that we can see.

HGH Treatment

This realization has boosted the popularity of HGH treatment, which is increasingly being sought after as a means of stopping or slowing down the process of aging.

Despite the possibility of side effects, HGH treatment for anti-aging purposes is in great demand by elderly patients who would love to benefit from the promised improvement in muscle mass, revitalized libido, enhanced memory and strengthened immune system.

DHEA Treatment

DHEA, a human growth hormone, which is sometimes used in the fight against cancer, has been suspected but not proven to cause an increase in the incidences of certain kinds of cancer including breast and prostrate cancer.


Melatonin is another popular treatment that is used for anti-aging. Melatonin is essentially a hormone that has been connected to circadian rhythms and sleep.

It is commonly used in the treatment of minor sleep problems as well as jet lag. Though yet to be clinically proven, melatonin is often touted as being able to slow down the process of aging because of its antioxidant function that is present in the brain.

However, melatonin does cause some nightmares and dreams that are eerily realistic.


Another anti-aging treatment that is commonly used is Telomerase, which aids the cells of the immune system.

Though it shows great promise in helping to improve the immune system in elderly patients, studies that have been done point to the fact that reduced levels of Telomerase have no great impact on tissues or muscles, as they are comprised of cells that are non-dividing.

Some often supplement these treatments for anti-aging by taking garlic and by implementing a strict dietary regimen.

Anti-aging treatments have proven to be useful in enhancing the tone and texture of the skin and in preventing heart disease. Consuming garlic has been shown to improve the functioning of the digestion system as well as the liver and is also useful in lowering high blood pressure.

Gingko Biloba affects the brain directly and offers a lot of positive benefits including slowing down of the effects brought about by Alzheimer?s disease and degeneration in circulation and vision. It is also reported to be beneficial in limiting the effects of dementia and strokes.


Apart from all these medicines, many people also take some kind of Ayurvedic medicine to supplement their treatment for anti-aging. Gotu kola is popularly used for its beneficial effects on the immune system as well as the nervous system. Avocados, almonds, coconuts and bananas are routinely recommended for their ability to help fight sleep problems and restlessness.

Chinese medicine believes that aging is caused by a yin deficiency and the recommended cure for this condition is to increase the intake of foods that are moistening including flax seeds, walnuts, potatoes, wheat germ and barley soup. Some of the other foods that are popularly used include mussels, chicken and longevity soup.

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