If you have wooden floors and wish to paint them, then the first thing that will come across your mind is that of sanding them through so that the paint adheres well. The wooden floors wear and tear with continuous usage, painting them will increase their life span and will provide a glossy finish.

Sanding the floor helps to enhance the natural beauty of the wooden floors. It is important and a necessity to get the floors undergoes the process of sanding. If you plan to do this humongous task yourself, you will end up having terrible backaches accompanied by other joint pains, all demanding a massage therapy! It is wise to hire professionals for floor sanding of Perth homes.

The following questions will come handy when you plan to hire floor sanding experts:

  • Ask whether their machines generate a lot of dust. It is quite obvious that sanding will generate a lot of dust. However, with changing times, the machines have greatly evolved and generate up to 90% less dust, while some are completely dust-free! Yes, you read that right. You must hire those who have modern equipment so that work gets done in a few days and will practically much less clutter! They often use high powdered dust extracting machines to ease out the task of cleaning afterward. Also, ask them whether they take preventive measures so as to not spread dust all around the house.

  • Ask them their method of gap filling. Wooden floors tend to develop cracks and gaps over time. Such gaps can be filled with floorboards! If they are used then since the ground floor levels are usually made of air bricks, this will result in airflow beneath the house. Gaps should be filled to get a finished and seamless look.

  • Next, ask them the time required to complete the sanding of a floor. Some companies charge on an hourly basis, while some charge on a daily basis. Also according to your budget, it will be best to hire those who charge for an overall basis so even if they take 5 days or a fortnight, the overall charge remains the same! Quite often, the workers do the work slowly so as to increase their wages day by day. Do not get trapped by such sly means of work ethics, instead act smart and choose well.

  • Next, ask why consideration should be given to the wooden floor! Wooden floors have a lot of advantages; they are warmer in winter and cooler in the summer months. Also, they do not usually harbor pests nor do they attract odors! You might also enquire about the color used after the sanding process is over. You may opt for colors such as mahogany or pale honey.

The actual work of flooring starts once the sanding process is over. These works include crack repairing, dent, or spot sanding! All this can be done quite efficiently with the aid of experts. You might ask the above questions before hiring professionals for floor sanding in Perth. it is important to sand your wooden floors to remove existing paint and varnishes!

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