The gifting of jewellery in Indian wedding trousseau is a tradition passed down in families for generations.
The bridal set is a prized possession for any bride.
Gold jewellery has come way since its initial patterns of designs.
The increasing need of innovation has motivated the brands to showcase newer and exquisite collections.
To bring a bling in your outfits you need to add these accessories.

Kalire is a silver or gold embellished, umbrella shaped ornament that is attached to the bride’s churha or bangle, which is a set of traditional white and red coloured bangles worn on each arm. A Punjabi bride’s wedding attire is incomplete without the resplendent Kalire, or Kalirey. It is an important accessory for a Punjabi bride, and there is a separate ceremony that is allocated to the ornamentation of this particular accessory, which showcases the bride’s marital mirth and bliss felt by people around her.

The Kalire is not just an accessory, but is an important part of a ceremony that takes place in every Punjabi wedding. The kalire ritual takes place on the morning of the wedding day, and right after the haldi ceremony. Long umbrella-shaped ornaments are tied to the bride’s wrists by married women in the family, which includes her mother, sisters, sister in laws, friends and even aunts.
Fabric Kalire
Fabrics are the latest edition of the kalire in a bride's look written with beautiful words embroidered on them.

Long Trails
Brides these days wear a long trail starts from the head and goes running down straight behind her on the floor

2 Dupattas
These days bridal lehengas are not only an item a girl wears, it is fashion. And now lehengas look best with layers. Carrying 2 dupattas is a latest trend. One traditionally worn on head and other draped on the body to enhance the lehngas.

Embroidered Masks
In these tough times of pandemic the celebrations, happiness, and good deeds should not stop, but within the code of conduct. So all the new weddings happening in the country have one thing in common, MASKS.

And obviously an Indian bride can never have no bling thing. Embroidered masks are the latest edition. Bling it.

Now the lehngas has latest embroideries with words in Hindi like “dulahania” or “Rahul ki dulahania”

A passa worn as a hair accessory over the forehead is an ancient Indian piece of jewellery adorned by Indian women

The gold kadas with ghungroos. Pariband is a symbol of a new bride which chimes when the bride roams around in the house.
Mohan Malla
A large necklace made of large golden beads, with an interval of gold twisted thread between each bead.

It’s a foot ornament not more than half inch wide and has small ball attachments.

The temple collection
Gods and goddesses are worshipped reverently and with implicit faith. The temple collection in the hazoorilal repertoire is a must have for those with an ardent love for jewellery.

Lord Shiva and parvati images have been designed to create this opulent set. Lord Ganesh holds a privileged place as well and has made with perfect hand craftsmanship. The set has a choker on the same theme as the long necklace and is artfully created with minutest detailing to be seen. The earrings styled in traditional jhumka pattern are classy and keep the flow of the designing aspects thorough.
The peacock collection
A piece of art curated with unimaginable workmanship. The set brings out the beauty of a peacock and its colourful plumage of blue and green in sheer gold.

The necklace choker style has the peacock on one side complete and is made perfectly to blend with the neckline. The center of attention is undoubtedly the peacock is made as one of the masterpieces.

These were the different accessories you can add into your outfit. For those who just do not want the basic gold and silver and want to add something else you’ve to check this out……..

The relevance of diamonds can never be over empathize. This festive and wedding season, the diamond jewellery collection comprises intricate designs. The diamond nath is most sought after in the recent times and delicate designs are enhanced as it adds a youngness and grace in the entirety. Diamonds are sourced with utmost care maintaining the high quality as a benchmark as it is synonymous.

“Subtle yet bold, flaunt and let the story unfold.”
Manuel D’Souza was the first person to own the first mines as a Masai tribesman discovered the beautiful blue gemstone in the Merelani hills. This is indeed a rare gemstone as all of the deposits or mines are confined to a few squares miles in north Tanzania. The duchess of Cambridge recently wore a stunning Tanzanite necklace much inspired by her mother in law Princess Diana who had a penchant for precious gemstones and wore them matched to her outfits.

The Tanzanite and diamond set as depicted here is an exclusive design with the most beautiful oval shaped tanzanite encrusted with diamonds in fancy cut solitaire. It brings to reality the dream of a woman who desires a piece of art.
Polki s are versatile and are procured with in depth homework as they are set with nearly all precious gemstones and emeralds hold a predominant place of the marriage ceremony. A bride is styled to dress traditionally on the main wedding day. The rubies add to the glam quotient. The colour of ruby – red is considered to be auspicious in weddings in India. A very prominent nath and maang tikka is significant to the occasion. The workmanship takes at least a month and half before the set reaches its completion. The efforts of the skilled cannot be undermined.

“Pretty and pristine styled for more, step into the limelight of tradition galore.”
The gold is polished to give it different hues as pertaining to a particular design. Antique gold finish looks resplendent and classic. The process of creating such fine jewellery requires sheer patience and hard work that are inherent qualities of the craftsmen.

“Bright and glitter shimmer and glow, get all glamorous and steal the show.”

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