Bolivia is a beautiful landlocked country in South America. It's not significantly famous among world travelers but it actually has much to offer. It has specific traditions and tourist attractions and they help the tourism development. It’s all reflected in the prime class hotels in Bolivia.

When you organize your vacation in your hotel in Bolivia you will need to know how exactly to prepare your holiday. Here is a short list of the most well-liked sites to go to in Bolivia.

There are numerous areas to see in Bolivia. Possibilities range from colonial cities, to the rugged Altiplano, to tropical rainforests, and much more.

1. Colonial Cities

Sucre the authorized capital of Bolivia is the home of the judiciary branch of the government. This relatively small city has a small mellow community and is rich with history, Bolivian culture and student power. Sucre has been recognized from the United Nations as a World Cultural Heritage Site

La Paz has the seat of the legislative and executive branches from the government and for all intents and reasons, is the functioning capital of Bolivia. La Paz is also Bolivia’s largest city and the leading international hub for commerce and travel.

2. The Altiplano

Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt flat on the earth. The salt is harvested and exported from Bolivia. The flats are complete with a hotel entirely made of salt, even the furniture! Tours of the ‘white sea’ as it is often called, can be arranged from the town of Uyuni or from San Pedro de Atacames in Chile.

A tour of the mines of Potosi is a truly educational experience. Visitors stop at the market to buy presents for the miners, then head over to the mine and climb over the tunnels chatting with miners and watching them work.

Lake Titicaca, shared with Peru, is the highest navigable lake on the earth. The lake has a unique indigenous culture that lives on floating islands made from reeds native to the region.

3. Tropical Rainforest

The tropical rainforest of Bolivia offers incredible biodiversity and exotic adventures for visitors. The nature reserves provide a range of adventurous activities from exploring wild untouched rainforest to bird watching to boat trips down rivers.

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