In person is the fastest path to success. When you can look someone in the eye, connect with them, and share your gifts nothing else compares. In this world of technology, gadgets, and high-tech the pendulum is swinging back to face-to-face relationship based marketing.

And the best way to make that happen is events. Now, there are multiple types: intimate, one day, and large multi day... the model is not that important, but what is important is the following:

SALES--It is imperative to have a sales and marketing plan that flows clients into your event. This is the most overlooked part of event structure, but for obvious reasons the most important. Work with a coach to draft a strategy to either fill your event via one by one sales or construct a plan to funnel people in to your event as a bonus from buying another program or service. Either way ñ have a plan.

STRUCTURE--What is your end result for the event? Are you going to be offering a high level program? Or is this 100% delivery with no future next step (not my favorite model). Knowing this will help you decide if you are going with a group of 12 in an intensive or wanting to pull 100 or more into multi-days. Your end result directly relates to your structure for modeling.

CONTENT--What are you teaching and how does that content need to be structured to deliver high level content in an authentic way? How does your content align with your next step opportunity for attendees? Content is not just teaching materials but a major part of your brand setting the stage for the lifetime value of a client.

OFFER--What are you selling, when will it be offered, and how does all of the above impact your end result?

FOLLOW UP--Money is always in the follow up and marketing never ends the last day of the event. How do you keep building a relationship for those attendees and how do you immediately set a plan to take care of those that have bought your services? Events give you an opportunity to have a deeper relationship with your followers and that is big opportunity for future sales. Follow up is where the magic happens.

Events are fast trackers for revenue right now and these are just a few elements of a successful plan in working with people in person, but nothing is more important than working with a mentor that has been there, done that as events can be expensive and risky if you don't have the support and understanding of the back end details.

(c) 2010 Suzanne Evans

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