There might be severe complications in the life of people due to drug issues so legalizing drugs isn't a good idea. There are many advocacies in the favor of drug legalization because it has been believed that drug prohibition usually causes crime, violence and extremism as well as increased HIV among masses. However, there is a great involvement of drugs in numerous other problematic aspects too. If even a few drugs are legalized then the consequences can be extremely harsh.

The most crucial problem that is going to arise is the higher ratio of drug exposed infants. Similarly, the entire society can be damaged because children can also be attracted towards drugs. The probability of drug induced accidents can also increase because of this particular improvisation. Similarly, there will be a great lack of productivity and employment that can surely hurt the economy of the country. Various other household problems and relationship issues can also arise if the drug exposure isn't strictly restricted.

People believe that drug can only affect users and they don't have any effect on others. This conception is wrong because there might be a possible drug addiction rise and people who are nearer to the drug addict can also be affected. However, there will be really bad affect on the user too. The normal way of living can surely be changed due to drug usage. Social risk factors and many other complications can arise because of the addiction of drugs. It can even have biological and psychological impact. So, it can change the whole life of a person. One might withdraw from his life that can be a way towards depression due to higher drug usage.

Various other drug issues include wastage of time, energy and money. The function of brain can be damaged because of higher drug addiction that surely is a severe problem. Thinking abilities can also diminish and it will be harder to determine the actual goal of life. The aspects of determination, motivation, inspiration and confidence can also shackle. Higher drug addictives are usually stuck more in those complications and there recovery isn't easy as well. Thus, complete withdrawal or death can also be a consequence of drugs. So, drug addiction and abuse is surely very bad indeed.

Therefore, thinking about legalization of drugs even to a smaller level is an authorization to numerous other problems that can surely affect the entire society. There should be stronger restrictions on drug usage and drug legalization advocacies shouldn't be supported. A good society can surely be acquired with these improvisations. Efficiency and productivity of individuals can also increase if drug usage is limited. Illegal drugs shouldn't be entertained and strong restrictions are required in order to control drug usage. Various drug issues can be solved with these improvisations and the outcomes will be better.

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