In the globalizing world, setting up a company in a different country means having significant advantages. For this reason, it is known that many entrepreneurs set up companies at different locations instead of their own countries to realize their projects. So, what are the most ideal countries to set up a company? While answering this question, many parameters should be considered. However, we have come up with a general list for you. By setting up a company in the countries listed below, even though it involves some risks at the beginning, you can make a serious profit after overcoming them.

6. The U.S.A

When the most developed country in the world is asked, many people answer as the USA without hesitation. A strong economy, many investors, high demand, and having programs that support entrepreneurs make the USA one of the most attractive countries in this field. It takes a maximum of 6 days to set up a company here when the necessary conditions are met.

It should be known that after setting up a company in the USA, there will be an important competition. The reason is that entrepreneurs from all over the world come here and race their ideas. If you have a unique idea, one of the most important points where it can be realized is the USA.

5. Singapore

The most important feature of Singapore, which is one of the strongest economies in the world, is that public administration is carried out by the internet-based system. In this way, it only takes 3 days to set up a company. High income, high level of welfare, a welcoming attitude towards the investors and similar features make Singapore an advantageous country among the countries ideal for company establishment. Besides, there is no income tax here. This allows entrepreneurs to earn a higher income.

4. Thailand

As one of the shining stars of the Far East, Thailand's most important deficiency is the entrepreneurs. Therefore, it can be said that different facilities are provided to attract entrepreneurs to the country. It takes only 5 days to set up a company in this country. One of the most important features of this country is its advanced technology. Also, cheap labor can be expressed as another important advantage.

3. New Zealand

New Zealand, one of the wealthy countries of the world, attracts the attention of entrepreneurs. There are no capital gains and social security taxes in this country. Therefore, it can be said that companies have an important tax advantage. Besides, the labor here can be considered relatively cheap. It can be quite logical for setting up companies in some fields.

2. Panama

Panama is known for its different incentives to attract investors from outside. So much so that, after the incentives provided in the past years, it has made a serious climb in the ranking of ideal countries for entrepreneurs. Setting up a company here usually takes 6 days. As a country that wants to attract entrepreneurs and investors, it also provides different facilities in this area.

1. Latvia

Latvia is the first country to be preferred for establishing a company. Latvia is a Northern European country and is in the EU. It is a country known for its competitive workforce, competitive tax rates, real estate expenses, and similar advantages. These issues are extremely important for a company to be successful. However, it should be emphasized that there are many other factors as well.

One of the most important advantages of Latvia is that it provides the entrepreneurs support for establishing a business. Support is provided with repayments for up to 15 years. You can find the details of support for business establishment on this page

Latvia is very close to major markets due to its location. It is almost intertwined with the Scandinavian countries and the EU. It is also very close to an important market like Russia. It is one of the rare countries where you will not have any difficulties in terms of finding a qualified workforce for your company. It is considered to be one of the top five countries in the world in this field. For these reasons, establishing a company in Latvia may be one of the most important decisions in your business life.


As you can see, many countries in the world provide facilities to set up a company. Whichever country is close to your target market, you can follow the legislation of that country from its official government pages and have detailed information.

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