Films, TV shows, novels, and comics— you don't have to go very far to find hellish imagery. And we don't mean strange or backmasked Satanic songs, either, presumably imagined paeans to The Great Beast. We are talking about the actual manifestations of fictitious supernatural beings. Our favorites are listed below, no, the absolute best examples.

#1 Archimonde. World of Warcraft fans will find Archimonde's name well known but the Defiler has its roots in the precursor of the MMO's RTS, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. Archimonde is one of the biggest bads in that game, requiring humans, orcs, and elves to join forces to defeat his Azeroth intrusion.

#2 Anyanka Christina Emmanuella Jenkins, better known as Anya, was a vengeance demon who originally came to Sunnydale as a reaction to the cheating ways of Xander and the desire for vengeance of his girlfriend Cordelia. Anya stayed around after becoming a human again though, joined the Scooby Gang and eventually developed feelings for Xander herself, somewhat surprisingly.

#3 Hell Boy Anung Un Rama. While colloquially known as Hell Child, the long-running comics ' eponymous hero is in fact called the far more regal-sounding Anung Un Rama. Hell Child, called to Earth by a bunch of devious Nazis, rebelled against his evil heritage by becoming a supernatural vigilante, like a great red, muscular Solomon Kane.

#4 Etrigan, The Demon. The prolific writer worked on several separate, strange and interesting comics, one of which was The Demon, after Jack Kirby's absolute-best-thing-ever Fourth World series were cancelled at DC in the early 1970's. Even though the first series was short-lived, the rhyming demon Etrigan (belial's son) continued to live on in the darker corners of DC continuity.

#5 Lamia, Drag Me to Hell. The Evil Dead franchise understandably gets a lot of attention: The three movies and the more recent television series are cult classics and have been an introduction to Sam Raimi's talent by many people. But in 2009's Drag Me to Hell, which featured prominently the Romani-summoned demon Lamia, the most horrific abyssal creation of the director actually appeared for our money.

#6 Randall Flag, The Stand. Although he has appeared in several of Stephen King's plays, playing various roles, Randall Flagg is probably best known as The Stand's demon antagonist. Flagg and his followers sought to speed along the approaching Apocalypse, a war they expected to fight for the forces of evil, after mankind was almost completely wiped out by disease. Also read how to summon a demon.

how to sumon a demon

#7 Shang Tsung, Mortal Kombat. The great thing about Mortal Kombat with its influences is how gleeously shameless it is. What if there were Jean Claude Van Damme and a few ninjas in Enter the Dragon too? Okay, you get something absolutely awesome, so the key baddie in Little China would be essentially the evil Lo Pan from Big Trouble.

#8 Toby, Paranormal Activity. We're going to defend up and down the Paranormal Activity show, left and right, every day and twice on Sundays. What could have been a super simple, on - the-nose ghost story has become something much more disturbing and enduring through the introduction of an underlying mythology concerning the demon Toby. While Toby is almost certainly not the actual name given by the demon, for now it is good enough.

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