A tattoo is a design carved on a body part using a pigment that is different from the skin tone. The dye is inserted in the dermis layer of the skin by puncturing the skin through a needle made up of stainless steel. Tattooing is the term to refer to the art of carving the tattoo on the human skin.

Tattoos can be of different types, such as decorative, symbolic, and pictorial. The ornamental tattoos do not have any meaning, and they are to fulfill the fondness of the tattooing art. Symbolic tattoos have a particular significance for the one on whom the tattoo is carved. Pictorial symbols depict an image of the person or a god or an item.

The tattoo removal process is painful to an extent. The concentration of pain depends on the methods that you have chosen for removing the tattoo. The time consumed in this process is extensive, and it also requires guts and energy to avoid weakness and giddiness. An efficient method of removing a tattoo is a must. People find it complicated when they read the procedures of removing tattoos from a human body. If you can bear tattooing on your body, then rest assure that you can easily take the process to remove a tattoo, provided that your method is ideal. Selecting a weak process of removing the tattoo can lead to scars on the tattoo spots.

1. Removal Cream

Usually, any quick tattoo removal process is expensive. After all, the results depend on your natural biological built. Some people might end up with scars if they try to go through the quick methods, and some people might have the ability to withdraw the tattoo from the skin without any injuries.

This method of removing a tattoo is the safest method of removing tattoos from the skin. However, the process of removing tattoos from the surface via removal cream is very time-consuming. It may consume several months or years, depending on the biological structure of your skin. Furthermore, the removal creams are a bit expensive, and you need to apply it two times per day for several months. This could consume an excessive amount of cream and a bit pricey. Though it is not as expensive as the other methods of removing the tattoo.

2. The Laser Method

The demand to remove tattoos among people has increased. The technology-side of the world has also participated in inventing methods to remove the tattoos. One such invention is the laser technology. The laser technology of removing tattoos has been developed recently. The laser method of removing a tattoo is rated as the best method yet. It can remove the tattoo in just one day though it depends on the pain that you can bear. The process is a bit painful, according to experts. But I bet it is not as painful as the methods that leave massive scars on the tattoo area after its removal. The scars left on your skin after the laser treatment can be polished with some medications that may be suggested by your skin doctor.

3. Modification Method

This method is recommended in cases when your level of satisfaction against the current tattoo reduces. This might happen if the tattoo becomes light. It may also occur in the cases where the designed that you had selected for tattooing is out of trend and common. In the modification method, the tattoo artist suggests some designed that would match on your body and incorporated the carvings of existing tattoo too. Finding such a tattoo design is a difficult job, but then, you don’t have to find a compatible design. The modified designed is brainstormed by a professional and experienced tattoo artist.

4. E-Raze Method

This method of removing a tattoo is utterly painless when compared to laser treatment. An inorganic chemical remover designed by the Rejuvi Laboratory in California is applied to the tattoo through the tattooing gun. The tattooing gun is the same gadget that is used to carve a tattoo on your skin. The skin is punctured again, and it is filled with the inorganic chemical remover. The tattoo pigment flushes out of the skin.

It is advisable to use this method under an artist who is certified for tattoo or micro-pigmentation methods. It would be best if you did not take the risk of using this method by a local tattoo artist.

You may need to go through multiple sessions to remove the tattoo. The number of sessions for removing the tattoo depends on the size and design of the tattoo. The interval between multiple sessions must be 2-3 months. For example, a body tattoo may consume 3-4 treatments, and some small tattoos can be removed in one sitting. The removal of body tattoos may require the division of the tattoo treatment in sections that are treated separately. The inorganic solution works on any color. Whether your tattoo is carved by a professional artist or it is carved at home, this solution is applicable.


You must always get the tattoo on your skin after proper choice. It is also essential to get the tattoo carved from a professional tattoo artist. If you have enough time to wait for the removal of the tattoo, then go for the removal cream. If removing a tattoo is urgent, then nothing is better than laser treatment. The laser treatment is expensive, and it may be more painful than the e-raze treatment. If your budget allows an e-raze treatment, then you must definitely go for this treatment. Also note that whether it is tattooing or removing tattoo, the after-process care is very crucial. You may need to consult your doctor.

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