Sustainable beauty is always a win-win scenario where you consider the planet while nourishing your skin. Therefore, the aim of vegan and cruelty-free makeup that is also Organically Certified Worldwide is indeed the best beauty brand you shall use in your life.

Understanding Cruelty-free makeup:

The key goal of cruelty-free product brands is the promotion of animal welfare during the creation and testing of the product. Therefore any company that uses animal products in the production process or animal testing cannot claim themselves completely vegan beauty brands.

Checking if the product is cruelty-free:

Leaping Bunny is considered a gold standard for cruelty-free products, and more than 1,000 cruelty-free makeup brands are certified under it. This international program checks if the brand is conducting or using animal testing for their products. To achieve this certificate, a brand needs to accept the ongoing independent audits to maintain compliance.

Concept of Vegan Beauty:

Veganism denies the use of animals as a commodity, which means they should be used or consumed. A by-product can be either an animal ingredient or an animal-derived ingredient. For example, vegan products such as lipstick will not include beeswax since this is derived from bees.

A Vegan Certified brand won't use products that use animals in any way.

Beauty Bloggers that promote Vegan Beauty:

Cruelty-free Becky:

Becky's informative video about cruelty-free cosmetics highly supports her passion for the vegan lifestyle. She is the ultimate right guide for a beginner who will help you venture into the cruelty-free beauty industry. Her detailed guide will help you replicate her looks to perfection.
Her favourite brand:

Eden Perfumes. 067 Candy - Oriental Vanilla

Vegan Beauty Addict

Jess is the perfect re-definition of what beauty channels are supposed to look like. She loves to experiment and play with her makeup and hair colour on her videos. People who are not into makeup would also be delighted to watch even if the technique doesn't work out for them.

Her favourite brand:

Pacifica's Highest lash Chronic Volume Mascara.

Weylie Hoang

Weylie Hoang's everyday makeup tutorials are a treat to watch. From all the easy and fantastic makeup tips, you get a glimpse into her life and lifestyle. Of course, a perfect combo of makeup and delicious food go a long way!

Her favourite brand:

Physicians Formula Butter Collection x Weylie palette.

Madelynn De La Rosa

Madelynn De La Rosa's videos are so relaxing that they should be tagged ASMR. The music with her videos is amazing, and it immediately uplifts your mood.

Her favourite brand:

10 Second Eyeshadow from Kosas.

Natural ingredients such as seaweed, tea tree oil, vitamin E, aloe vera, chamomile, and vitamin C are add ons to the abstracting vegan products. They help to remove excess oil and clear the face of all impurities. Vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics lower the chance of skin problems and other skin diseases. You don't have to put through the guilt of inhumane treatments that animals suffer.

Choosing the best vegan makeup brands products is also a great excuse to give more thought to what we buy and have more of a moderate, minimalistic approach.

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