It is ideal to note that a movie theme refers to a subject or topic of the talk, an exhibition or even a person’s thoughts which promote movie characters to act the way they do. Be aware an author of a movie script of a movie may come up with a theme either consciously or unconsciously. In most cases, themes refer to the moral of the story. Some of the common themes that boost self-improvement include:

• Conflict - Note that in such a theme, there exists high flexibility as concepts of a movie may involve conflicts in nature, society or even self. Some movie scripts, in this case, will even have smaller themes that will be tied to change. Moreover, great choices, as well as poor choices, are bound to be seen at play. Conflict helps viewers have some knowledge on how to deal with real-life issues such as relationship conflicts parental conflicts or even peer conflicts.

• Good Vs. Evil - Most movies are based on this theme. It brings up the philosophical question about what is right and wrong. The theme also focuses on building or destroying society. In most cases, a villain will be seeking to have destruction on society or individual while the good focus on preserving what already exists. Individuals, therefore, get to enjoy these forms of entertainment movies while at the same time earning lots of knowledge about the right things in society.

• Overcoming Adversity - Life is characterized by obstacles which individuals have to overcome. As such, most new movies that have this theme will have characters losing their jobs, being rejected, getting sick or even being bullied. However, note that at the end of the day, characters are able to emerge victorious by achieving their goals. Viewers are therefore taken through a transformative process. This can come in handy in self-improvement. Some individuals’ go to the extent of even emulating some of these ‘superheroes’.

• Power of Friendship - Friendships is always the basis of making things or events be fun. Note that with this theme, characters are typically faced with trials at the start, but then friendship and love prevails. These kinds of movies help in self-improvement and transformation as they can highlight more about the power of bonds and sharing issues with friends.

• Quests - This theme involves characters having clear goals that they have to achieve in life. In most cases, these characters end up being heroes who have to go through trials or even new relationships.

From the above, it is clear that watching movies can really help especially when it comes to self-improvement. Ensure to watch a movie once in a while in your quest to greatness.

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