People turn to chiropractic care to treat neck pain, back pain and poor blood circulation in the body. All of these can be a result of poor spinal alignment. There is no medical treatment that can align the spine accurately and effectively more than chiropractic. A misaligned spine is a common cause for a variety of health problems and people are not aware of it. If you visit a chiropractor, he will design a treatment plan especially for you. He will let you undergo a series of tests to determine the best chiropractic techniques for your condition.

There will be different chiropractic techniques that will be performed to bring back the balance in your body. Each technique is different from the other. One technique may be used for back pain but cannot be used for treating pain from repetitive stress injuries. Each technique has its own benefits like reducing pain, promoting health and wellness and increasing mobility.

Spinal manipulation is the most common chiropractic technique and this is also the most used. Spinal manipulation is the technique that chiropractors use to adjust the spine. This technique is used for regaining mobility by putting pressure on the spinal joint and then applying a controlled force to align the spine again. Doctors of chiropractors are experts in spinal manipulation. With just touching alone, they can adjust your spine with their eyes closed but they do not do this of course.

For people who experience muscle atrophy, mental health problems or organ dysfunction, chiropractors may use the extremity manipulation and adjusting technique. Instead of manipulating the spinal column, the physical extremities are the ones being manipulated here. This technique is used to manipulate the joints and muscle causing musculoskeletal problems. Further, this is to restore the nerve supply which is affecting the central nervous system of the body.

For people with pelvic deficiency or problems in the hip area, the activator method is used. Since people stand differently, more pressure can be placed in one leg, which affects the pelvic area. Over time, there will be a difference in the length of the legs due to this pressure. If left untreated, pain and discomfort will be felt. Activator method chiropractic techniques correct any misalignment in the vertebrae as well as align the pelvis. An activator mallet is used to set the joints back into the aligned position.

Another chiropractic technique that treats problems with leg length is the Thompson chiropractic technique. A drop table is used in this technique. Based on your test results, the chiropractor will determine the misalignment you have. He will then use the right combination of thrusts on joints to adjust the leg.

Chiropractors use the Gonstead chiropractic technique. They utilize such technique in treating a wide variety of health conditions. Dr. Clarence Gonstead developed this technique. Gonstead chiropractic technique addresses subluxation problems where the spine is misaligned. Often, people suffering from a pinched nerve are treated with this technique.

Now that you are informed, you will be able to understand the chiropractic techniques better. Despite this, discuss your treatment plan with your chiropractor and make sure that he explains the techniques clearly to you. For more visit

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