Africa is a great continent to visit on holiday. Visiting this continent satisfies a primitive longing to “return home”. The oldest paths on this continent are those carved by elephants that have use the same routes for thousands of years. Africa is home to diverse and abundant wildlife. It is home to Africa’s famous big five animals (the black/white rhino, the African elephant, leopard, the Cape buffalo and the African lion). An African safari is certainly a great experience that everyone should experience at least once in their lives. Guests are sure to enjoy the infinite events that can begin to fold right in front of their eyes. In Africa guests get to observe unscripted nature where something hilarious, emotional or simply fascinating can occur. This article shall briefly describe an animal that guest may see on a safari holiday. This fascinating animal is the African honey badger.

The honey badger is certainly a very interesting animal to observe on an African safari. These small animals look cute but don’t be fooled by their appearance. They are as tough as nails and will challenge any animal in the bush. One never really feels sad or sympathetic to a snake. However, when a snake is unfortunate enough to encounter a honey badger, one will really feel sorry for the snake. A honey badger is an expert snake hunter. They are relentless a quick. The snakes and brutally killed and eaten by this seemingly cute animal. Honey badgers are about the same size as your average house cats. Bigger animals usually know not to mess with the little stick of dynamite, because they know how tough the little animal is, that it never backs down from a fight. This tactic usually works and most animals will leave the honey badger alone. Only the “King of the Beasts” cannot tolerate the impudence of this animal in its Kingdom. The lion will kill this little animal brutally without any pity, and then walk off indifferently to patrol its kingdom.

The honey badger’s secret weapon when it’s under attack is that it secretes a very pungent disgusting smell! The combination of this horrible smell together with this animal’s natural willingness and ability to fight are the reason why most animals in the bush would prefer to avoid this animal.

In conclusion, the honey badger is a very comical animal to observe during an African safari. It is one animal amongst many animals that are sure to fascinate guests. In Africa guests will get to enjoy intimate experience with wildlife. They return home with a greater appreciation of nature and their own place within nature

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