Gifts are an important aspect of marketing. Most organizations use some aspect of gifting in their marketing strategy. From the simple ball point pen, stamped with the company’s name and leading brand, which is often given at corporate events like a door gift to electronic gadgets like power banks; gifts are a simple and effective way of telling customers and team members how much you value them. There are numerous options from which to choose corporate gifts.

Combine Aesthetics, Utility, and Style

Gadgets, baskets of goodies, photo frames, calendars, paper weights, and water bottles, different kinds of bags, cookie cutters, and candles are just some options. It all depends on who is the target audience which your organization must reach. What is the customer profile, and the occasion for the distribution of the corporate gifts in Singapore is the major considerations when deciding the budget, and the minutiae? There would be diverse considerations for the most appropriate choice, such as who are to be the recipients - subject matter experts and other participants of a seminar, clients, chief executives of client and associate companies, associates, or employees?

It is the thought which counts: Whether it is a notepad or a customized notebook, you can choose between an economic option and a high-end one. There is also the factor of whether there are to be numerous recipients, or only a select few people are to be given the gift.

Add Practicality to Exclusivity

There are options as to the kind of paper to be used, the binding, and the cover. The customized notebooks differ from the run of the mill diaries and notebooks in the finish and overall quality. They exude class and exclusivity due to their moleskin cover made of PU leather. When choosing a customized notebook in Singapore, you combine practicality with utility. The superior quality of the 100 gsm Japanese paper of such notebooks is complemented with the thoughtful addition of a slot in which to keep visiting cards.

Style the cover to match your industry: Get your brand’s name embossed on the cover. Every time the recipients need to make a note of something - be it to check appointments or to jot down quick notes from a meeting - they will be reminded of your organization. Also, choose the color of the cover from red, light brown, ash grey, dark grey, Prussian blue, royal blue, navy blue, dark brown, emerald green, or black in accordance with the kind of image you desire to cultivate. Not only this but also, you will be able to add your own images or your employee image on the cover page of the customized notebook including your brand logo.

So, what are you waiting for? Customize your notebook today with your brand name and brand logo to make it one of the most eye catchy corporate gifts for your employees. So, count on us to add an extra wing to your customize corporate gifts. Our team is always dedicated to provide you with all the custom design that you were looking for.

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