Adversity brings out the best of people. For the vast majority of people, there have never been periods of greater adversity than what Covid has inflicted on us. Despite this, most people have gone beyond and beyond in their service to others.
Doing everything they can, in whatever capacity, such as caring for families, neighbors, and coworkers, ordinary people donating money to NGOs for beds, oxygen, and medical facilities; employers paying workers even though offices were closed; ordinary people donating food and money to those in need. Such a massive display of human cooperation has never been seen before, particularly on such a global scale.
The world is still unified today. Who’d have guessed that this would be a moment of unity in despair? Fear, confusion, panic, and desperation unite us! People are just thinking one thing: Is there no way out!
And still, after anything else has been tried, there will be nothing left but God. When science has offered its everything when even the most valiant human effort falls short… there is only God! It’s time for God to descend and slay this demon known as Covid. This vile, vicious, and unseen foe of humanity.
Amid the growing darkness, The Moon Studioz is contributing in their unique way. They tried to articulate this collective desolation in a moving original prayer– It’s the cry of desperation to the Almighty, reflecting the collective sense of helplessness and finality at what is happening around us.
The song is a prayer to God, pleading with Him to intervene and put an end to this multi-headed devil. This enemy is claiming lives with little respect for human life. The album has been encased in an evocative montage of stills and video, the finished result of which tugs at the heartstrings, perfectly amalgamated with soulful vocals and melancholic lyrics.
Vandana Sethhi, an advertising specialist and first-generation entrepreneur who has launched a few communications-related businesses and ventures, leads The Moon Studioz. She imagined an extremely sensitive yet evocative creation that would pull at the heartstrings and ignite a collective lament to the Almighty, begging divine intervention in these despondent times, based on her understanding of and technical nous in social media.
Ms. Sethhi found the ideal artistic partner in writer Amit Baid, a senior advertisement colleague who meaningfully expressed the mutual feeling in soul-stirring songs, and singer-composer Bapi Bhattacharya. Bapi of Bapi-Tutul fame, whose work for Khosla ka Ghosla, Sarkar Raj, Sarkar, and other productions have received acclaim. The prayer took on new dimensions thanks to Bapi’s composition, which gave it a truly ethereal feel.
The production was created for social media and has the potential to go viral because it hits right at the heart of a problem that affects everyone! Keep an eye on what’s going on in your WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook feeds.

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