Are you an entrepreneur in need of extra money and you have trouble setting financial goals? Try this law of attraction exercise that I created for myself and clients. It’s like a fun game to play to help you set your financial intentions each week. Breaking it down by week is easier than for the month so that you can celebrate small successes!

I started The Money Manifestation Game with a small goal to add to my income. I wanted an extra $300 to pay a bill and then that same day I set the intention, a client called me and bought two coaching sessions that covered it exactly. Whoa! The following week, I added on more money to the goal and hit that, the week after I gained MORE money then my goal, and so on and so on. It works is all I can say so I thought I spread the love. lol Try it out yourself and let us know how it goes.

Here’s the exercise. I highly suggest you write it out on a piece of paper or get a notebook dedicated to this. Do it each Sunday to set the intention for the week:

Here is an example….
For the week of February 18, I will earn: $250 or more by Sunday February 24.
I expect it and I am grateful in advance for this blessing! My intention is now activated! And so it is…
(You can write it over and over as well on a piece of paper. i.e. 10-20 times and then meditate on it.)

Whenever I earn money that is going towards my weekly goal, I just add a note of how much was earned and then I focus on generating the balance for rest of week. Of course, it’s not magic and you have to put in the work to generate the money, but the key is setting your intentions! You must take action such as running a special, calling old clients, sending out an email blast or text, networking, etc.

Taking action and having your financial goal in mind works like a charm. Also, make sure the amount is REALISTIC. I shared it with some friends who had the same success! Check out their results…

“I tried the money manifestation because there was a goal that I needed met in a week’s time. Simone shared her script, and over the weekend it sat on my desk.
On Monday I filled it in and set my intention, my goal was to pay something by Friday. On Tuesday, when I opened my e-mail, I was presented with the opportunity to do some work that would place me at the half-way mark. The following Thursday, another opportunity, and that one put me at my goal. The Money Manifestation game works because it creates clarity of need, gratitude-space to receive and the willingness to partner in the work of fruition.” Nikki Clifton, Tallahasse, Fl

“Thanks very much Simone for the abundance manifestation prayer . I must admit I used it to see if it would work and it did! I reached my goals for the third week that I used it. The week I skipped I noticed a vast difference in my financial abundance. It worked because, I was open to receive and the words was an opening to the universe for my blessings.” Yeyefini Efunbolade West Palm Beach Florida

“The law of attraction is a real law in the universe. What goes around comes around! It works just the same for thoughts and desires. Whatever you can manufacture in your mind will be serve on a platter sooner or later. When we become aware of it, when it is a knowing without a doubt, it then happens faster and faster. It works for everything without exception. Get to work, dump the fear, just IMAGINE what is coming next, and sit back as if you knew for certain that the whole universe is working JUST for you! This exercise works. Try it! “
Johane Rutledge, Pompano Beach

Good luck money magnets!
Want to take it up a notch?

Check in with yourself daily by writing in a journal. This will be your new BFF!

Try this program on Daily Om that I also found to be very helpful. This is a 27 day on-line course available from DailyOM and Ellen Whitehurst.

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