Being in the moment is a very important tool to finding happiness in your life, for if we are forever looking elsewhere, we will never be happy now. If we are always looking back at the life we had, we are losing our presence in now. Living in the moment is about being present; it is being nowhere else other than here. How hard this is? It is how hard you make it because it is a decision. It is a choice that creates the possibility for you to flow with life in a far easier way. By being in the moment, you are releasing the struggle with how things have to be for your future. By being in the moment, you are letting your past go, and any struggle or effects it may have on you now.

Being in the present creates a freedom from stress, worry, and anxiety. It lets you move though life freely, without constraints from your emotions or thoughts. When we exist in the present, we are open, accepting, and free to be just where we are. Imagine existing without constantly going into your future, making plans, or deciding what has to be and needs to be done. By letting go of this cycle, you can let yourself exist in the present. We can choose to let go of the need to project ourselves into the future; we do this by accepting where we are now.

The future only exists in our minds. It is not real yet, so the more often we spend our time imagining its possibilities, the less time we are living our lives. When we regard our past as something that holds importance or value over us, we give it more energy than it deserves. The past is gone and obsolete; we only exist now, so to spend our energy thinking about it or emotionally involving ourselves in what was means we are living in something that is no longer real. If we could live our life from another perspective, if we understood that we can only live now, be present now, and that nothing else existed, then we would not need to distract ourselves by our future or our past.

We give the past and the future more importance than they deserve, for they are only memories and ideas. They are either a path already taken or one that doesn’t exist yet. The path we are on now is the only one we can truly exist on. Why spend your time on any other path if it does not exist? Why not be in the moment, be clear, open, and present now so that you can live your life in what really is? You are not living a life that is real when you are anywhere other than in the moment. Happiness flows easily when you create no obstacles, when you are present, and not lost in your future or past. Happiness comes when you accept now, where you are, and choose not to divert your attention elsewhere. Life happens now; happiness is created now; it will not be found in your past or in your future. Live life today as if there were no tomorrow or yesterday, for that is reality. Life only happens during the moment you are in.

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