I wanted to talk about that moment of desperation. In that moment of desperation, there comes a change, an inner change. Some people do not welcome change, they are resistant to it. Some people are just too comfortable with the way things are; they can only see the negative side to making a change. So they don’t initiate any changes and they let things go until they are totally bogged down. Or they have tried this tactic and they have tried that tactic to no avail, now they are overwhelmed.

Have you ever had it so rough that you don’t know how you’re going to make it through financially? Or how you are going to adjust after a break up? Or when it feels like 10,000 things are hitting you all at once? Have you ever had one of those days where everything you touch just falls apart? It is at that moment; when all the uncertainty in you is built up and you cannot take it anymore. It is that feeling of helplessness. I call that the pre-change, the moment of despair. It’s that moment before the big cry. When the flood happens, and you say a prayer, you hope that God hears you, and your feelings just poor out. It is at this moment that you realize that all the uncertainty is not about just one thing, it’s about everything. It’s about everything that you stressed out about and you never realized that it was even bothering you. Something might have happened a long time ago, but you put it in the back of your mind until now.

This is when the change happens. This is when your mind goes into overdrive. You are looking at different ways to re-address or deal with those same issues as before. I call it survival mode. The crying stops and you look in a mirror and the reflection that you see is that of a stronger person, your true self. You brush yourself off and you think of things that will help you with the situations you are confronted with. You become the person that says, I can do this, I can do anything; I am not weak anymore. For some odd reason you think of things to help you get out from under the burdens that tied you down before. A miraculous change had just taken place, you are not afraid of the uncertainty anymore. Because you had reached that moment of despair, you thought of different ways of dealing with the same issue. It could be money, a relationship, a new job situation, co-workers, sexual harassment, anything. It helps you devise a new plan, a new plan of action that will help you get out of the bind that you are in.

Crying is good for the soul; it might just be the art of transforming. Sometimes it takes for us to be at our weakest moment that we find our inner strength. There are some people that never get to this point. Either way it is not a sign of weakness, it is more of awareness. With the economy being as it is, I feel that more people are experiencing this. Remember to be proud of that person that is looking in the mirror; she is stronger than you think. You might not feel the need to cry, and maybe it just comes when there is no more food in the house, and you get another bill in the mail that needs to be paid. But you will come up with a brand new plan of action, a plan well thought out and within your reach, when you reach your moment of despair.

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