As the search for greater success and more money gathers momentum, more and more people are realizing that these alone are not going to bring them the ultimate goal of fulfillment and happiness as has previously been believed.

As dissatisfaction grows in spite of many of us acquiring more and more stuff, the truth is dawning for many that something is missing. However, having said that, neither are happiness and success mutually exclusive.

In fact, long term happiness and success are complimentary and can be achieved simultaneously, when they are sought with the right intention and in the right way.

The missing link that many people have overlooked in their pursuit of happiness or success, or both, is personal development. Most seek to change their external world in the belief that will bring fulfillment of their dreams. In fact the opposite is true.

Your external world is a direct reflection of your internal world and the latter will shift when the former does. If you seek to reverse the order of this Universal Law, any success will be short lived and you will soon find yourself right back where you started, or even worse off than before. This is why 80% of people who win large sums of money lose it, and often more, within 2 years.

If, however, you take the path to happiness and success via the internal journey of self discovery and personal growth, the riches you will acquire will be far more than you ever imagined, including financially. This is not the easy route, but it is the only way to realize long lasting wealth, happiness and freedom.

And personal growth, though it can get grueling at times when seeking to change life times of belief systems and habits firmly embedded in the human psyche, does not have to be devoid of fun. In fact, the more fun you can incorporate into your personal development, the more motivated you will be to stick to the path. You will have to face some of your deepest darkest fears, and yet even these fleeting moments can be made easier through the use of various techniques and strategies and an en-light-ened approach.

Two of my favorite personal development tools are EFT and Sound Healing. They are powerful and extremely effective, easy to learn and self-apply, and can be used for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth and healing.

We take life way to seriously. And though it has a serious side and we must take responsibility for what we have created in our lives, by seeing the humor in everything, we lift our vibration to a level that transmutes catastrophe into miracle, and where we transform into joyful, awakened souls.

So before chasing material wealth, seek a more enlightened state of awareness through an inner journey of personal growth, and life will take on a whole new meaning filled with laughter, happiness, abundance of spirit and financial wealth and freedom.

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Marguerita is an EFT Life Coach and Sound and Energy Healer who is committed to helping others realize their infinite potential, be the best they can be and live the life of their dreams. For more information and free gifts visit or