What is passion? Dictionary definitions include “a powerful emotion, such as love, joy, hatred, or anger; ardent love; strong sexual desire; lust; the object of such love or desire; boundless enthusiasm or the object of such enthusiasm; an abandoned display of emotion, especially of anger”, and so on.

Let’s look at passion in the positive sense. Your passions are an excellent indicator of what you are here to do. Before coming into body, we agreed to separation from our eternal selves, so that part can only speak to us through our emotions, saying “yes, that one” or “no, not this way”. The more passionate you are on a certain topic, the more likely it is to be part of your assignment. So ask yourself:

1. What do you LOVE?
2. What do you KNOW?
3. What do you DESIRE?
4. What do you EXCEL AT?
5. What do you FOCUS ON?
6. What do you SEE that others don’t?
7. What do you need to INTEGRATE? That means getting your system lined up with what you want, on all levels.

These seven are the components of PASSION. So…

What do you LOVE? When you love someone or something, then you automatically see the best in that, and willingly lend yourself to its care and support. This opens up your faculties for compassion and light. You are curious about what you love, and with more desire and ability to learn about it. Remember when you were in love, and how you wanted to know everything about your beloved? Well, some people feel the same about medicine, design, or engineering: it’s endlessly fascinating if that is the object of your love. If something is part of your blueprint, you will have a similar enduring fascination. So what you love is going to be part of what you are here to do. In fact, learning to love is one of our required courses in God School.

What do you KNOW? Your passion is always going to combine your previous experiences and types of training, no matter how diverse. Whatever you did and learned in the past adds to your unique skill set and perspective, and they are used in the service of your divine blueprint.

What do you DESIRE? What do you feel the lack of when it’s absent, and enjoy when it reappears? Contrary to some religious positions that distrust desire, or see it as the root of all suffering, I believe that desire is the connection between your higher self and your human self, between the seen and unseen fields. Through desire, your eternal self is attempting to guide you using your emotions. When you have expanded feelings, it means “go here – do this!” Contracted or negative feelings mean “not this one”. So you can use your desire nature to find out what you are here to engage with. Usually your desires are positive, and bring you joy or pleasure. Of course, sometimes the lesson is “don’t do this again!”

What do you EXCEL AT? If you are here to do something specific, you will naturally have the resources to fulfill your assignment. You come fully loaded with whatever you need to thrive! So many people think they should do this or that, then look at how they can train as an accountant, doctor, architect, or whatever. They think about what might work for them, rather than asking what their inner blueprint calls for. People who go the conventional route tend to get burnt out by their 40s, because the work they do is out of alignment for their lives. It’s so much more better to listen within and find out what excellence you already have, and what you require to express it. Mozart had a innate genius for composition; he just needed to practice the piano, and fortunately was born to a father who taught keyboards. Now, that’s excellence!

Where’s your FOCUS? By universal law, what you focus on expands in your life. You always focus on what’s important to you, for good or ill. Some people appear to relish suffering, martyrdom, poverty and depression – at least they stay focused on stress or pain. Your focus shows what your Spirit finds important. One person devotes time to staying fit and healthy; another speaks/writes/thinks about spiritual issues all the time. One gal is fascinated by numbers and spends all her time on mathematics and physics; another loves order, and becomes an accountant, keeps a tidy home and has a haircut every month. Your focus shows up everywhere in your life, not just your profession, though of course, it’s best to have a profession that uses your natural focus! Fortunately it’s usually easy to identify your natural focus, because you’ll be spending a lot of time on whatever that is.

What do you SEE that others don’t see? This identifies your passion and your area of service. Serving humanity, the planet, and God (however you think of God) is about seeing problems and creating wonderful solutions that restore, improve or create better conditions for everyone. In order to solve a problem, you have to see that there is a problem. The more precisely and clearly you see a particular problem, the more likely it is that you are part of the solution, and the greater passion you will have for solving it. We each have a unique vision of the world, and we can use that to help co-create heaven on earth. This applies equally to the negative (situations that are out of whack) and positive (your vision of how great and wonderful things could be). Your vision will indicate your unique contribution to rebuilding the world.

What do you need to INTEGRATE? Most of us have issues that need to be resolved, and goals that need to be integrated so that we can get back in alignment with who we truly are. Integration means bringing your goals into harmony with your field so that what you desire becomes possible for you. A goal is anything you want that you don’t have yet. Most people don’t attain their goals because they have contaminations to their bio-computers that are blocking their system; when those contaminations are cleared, many things become possible that were not possible before. The most effective way to to integrate your goals is using Geotran human programming, because Geotran integrations are designed to get you back in alignment with your divine self. Setting your goals helps you to see who you are and what you truly want, and integrating them resets your alignment – so it’s a double treat!

So what are you passionate about? Where does your enthusiasm show itself most strongly? That is the single most important indicator of what you are here to do. The fortunate ones have such strong passions that they know immediately what path to take. Most of us have to work at it a bit, because everyone has pressure from their family, culture or society, and that can be distracting until you learn that being who you are is the most important thing you in life.

Mastery stems from detachment and that makes many masters look unemotional, detachment does NOT diminish your passions. Rather, detachment gives you a sense of proportion, so that you can channel your passions in the most obedient way. With detachment, you can balance alignment and passion in the service of your divine assignment here on planet earth. Without passion, you don’t have a direction or assignments to focus on. So cherish your passions, have fun with them, give them free rein, and allow them to direct you in l what you’re here to do!

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Kyre Adept is a certified Geotran™ human programmer and integration coach, bringing spirit back into business. Her practice ART of Integration is based in Santa Barbara; by phone and Skype, she helps high-flyers all over the world create their magnificent lives. For a free strategy session go to www.ART-of-Integration.com and find out how human reprogramming can help you soar!