It doesn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to figure out that smoking is bad for you! Every ciggy box is littered with warning signs, and so it remains undisputed that smoking causes a multitude of health complications- including 90% of all lung cancers!

In contrary to manufactured cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and novel tobacco products are considered to be a great alternative. The advocates of the so-called ‘next-gen products’ insist they are a safer bet to smoking. Some studies also refer clearly that in time, they have known to help avid smokers kick the nasty habit permanently.

Another point which came about were those few preposterous myths about vaping.

  1. “They Give You Pop Corn Lung.”

The biggest cause of concern for avid consumers is the thought of e-cigarettes giving them popcorn lung. But this is due to the presence of a buttery flavour in some vape juices also known as Chemical Diacetyl.

With high levels of exposure, this is known to cause serious lung disease known as Bronchiolitis obliterans. Since this condition first took place in a popcorn factory, hence the disease was named popcorn lung. 

But the good news is that this hazardous ingredient from e-cigs has been banned to be used in e-liquids, especially by top-rated brands. Rather, they use safe and organic ingredients to make vape juices which don’t cause popcorn lungs, only pleases the senses. 

  1. “They Contain Nicotine, And That Makes Them Just As Harmful.”

It is not uncommon to hear people say that nicotine is the root of tobacco causing cancer. But, truth be told, conventional cigarettes also contain thousands of harmful chemicals which contribute to all the harm.

However, in sharp contrary to this, e-cigarettes don’t have tar or carbon monoxide- two of the most potent toxins in conventional smoking. And to be completely honest, it does contain some chemicals, but only on a much lower level. 

A quality smoke box does house different vape juices (with specific nicotine content) to suit the needs of different consumers. And that’s the point which is worth noticing.

With vaping, consumers have control over the amount of nicotine they take in. Some vape juices come without any nicotine content at all, thus making it more suited to beginners. 

  1. “Bystanders Can Get Exposed To Toxins by E-cig Vapour.”

Some smoke box set or all in one smoking kits contain e-liquids that are composed of nicotine, glycerine, Propylene Glycol and flavourings. And unlike most conventional cigarettes, there isn’t any side stream of vapour released by e-cigs into the environment.

Hence this notion is anything but true! 

  1. “E-Cigs Are Used As a Trojan Horse To Keep People Retain Their Habits.” 

There is no proper backing to these claims, and so it’s best to assume this as a false notion. Rather scenarios in Australia and the UK prove that e-cigarette users (most who were smokers previously) have seen a drastic increase in number. 

Out of the million adult e-cigarette consumers or purchasers of quality yet budgeted smoking kit, more than half have already given up conventional smoking.

Furthermore, the quit rate in Australia has been improving considerably. The accelerated drop in the smoking rates has recently reached a new low of 14.8% Down-Under!

Final Words:-

One crucial matter here is that e-cigs are NOT SAFE in general. They are only a safer alternative to those who can’t quit smoking or suffer from it’s after effects.

So, while it could be a good idea to make a shift and purchase the best-in-class-smoking kit around, the real smart thing would be to use this alternative as a means to be rid of their pesky smoking habit.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a supplier of best-in class smoking kit to both the 18-year-olds and the avid consumers. The author is also a writer who educates the readers about what includes a quality smoke box.